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My Dermalogica education

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I need to share with you details about the fantastic dermalogica training programme. This as my way to shout out for the education team at dermalogica and all the dedicated therapists that cannot get enough of them.

The anatomy of the skin, skin types, concerns/disorders and product ingredients are discussed at large through the study for beauty therapy qualifications.

Here I would like to share how I journeyed through my beauty career into a skin care 'passionist'.

When I left college and jumped into full time high end salon work I got stuck into 3 different brands at once. All the staff had their favourite brand or mix of products from each. The training received varied vastly. Thorough training gave me the confidence to use and recommend each product. As enjoyable and luxurious as they were to work with something just didn't click enough. Finding that the massage section of the routine was my place to shine to the client.

When I changed jobs I met dermalogica. I had had a brief encounter of them at college and had known of them growing well in the industry for some time. My employer informed me that I was required to attend several classes with on going classes through a structured programme.

This was new and exciting to me.

I stopped to consider what could I possibly keep learning after I knew all of the products. How wrong was I !

This brand didn't just show me the products and discuss ingredients. It literally dived deeper into the scientific knowledge of the skin. The why of what we find on the skin. The how we can support it. With this new found knowledge, that made perfect sense, I could not only show off my skills in the treatment room, but also off the couch in person, to educate and provide my knowledge for my clients to understand why they were having skin struggles.

I fully embraced knowing the scientific Information and couldn't wait for my next class. Understanding this information made it easier for me to put it into simple terms for the clients. It brought me the professionalism I was seeking for.

The programme structure has evolved over the years to bring a whole host of more, but the core structure stays permanent.

Therapists first attend a four day 'DNA'. This covers everything to start salon treatments and recommendations. Qualifying at the tier known as 'Certified' .

A series of Specific skin concern workshops are to be completed for the next tier, alongside a class to help therapists confidently recommend products and treatment aftercare, plus the advanced professional skin treatments. Completing this tier awards the therapist the 'Specialist' certification.

To go beyond this is the sought after 'Expert' tier. Taking the therapists knowledge and understanding up an extra impressive gear. Reaching expert is the highest achievement. This level has an annual achievement requirement ensuring therapists stay current in their knowledge. Adding a helpful mindfulness to the clients that their therapist is invested in their career and therefore the treatments they perform.

Therapists can crash course this programme if their employer can dedicate their time to be away from the salon. Alternatively taking the programme in bite sized achievements.

I found as an employee it was very helpful to return to the salon and learn hands on to get to grasps with and my new knowledge by putting it into practice each time.

Once I became the employer I saw the benefit of providing the team with a motivational training day at dermalogica to provide that step up. It helped me to set a structure of my business investing in each member of staff in turn for a progression in their careers.

Hitting 'Expert' is definitely not the full stop. I haven't in 17 years of using dermalogica found the stopping point. Alongside the annual renewal there are several additional workshops that constantly change to provide new classes. Repeating training is easy. Many can now be interactively live streamed to save leaving the salon getting us balanced with learning and working.

If you thought it could not look any more attractive then guess again. All training is provided free of charge to the salon therapists. A huge business support. Career changing choice and empowerment.

I am left knowing I owe my skin therapist career to dermalogica's amazing training. The input I put into dedicating to 'learn derm' is honoured greatly by us both partnered together to make the skin care professional industry great.

When you meet a therapist the can bleed dermalogica, by this I mean, you can see the excitement in the therapist to teach you their knowledge, show you their skills and products, you will know you are in fantastic hands.

When we go on class this enthusiasm all starts with the trainers that deliver the knowledge. (Even In the breaks if you need to discuss more. )

When all the therapists and the dermalogica team get the opportunity to come together we feed from each others experience and knowledge. Strengthened by our self named 'derm tribe' we have to be the most dedicated therapists to a brand that is in turn the most dedicated to us.

This isn't just product. This isn't luxury, this isn't influenced.

We are dermalogica.


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