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Events and Workshops are held regularly 


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                  NEW  2022 Workshop 

Get signed up for our new workshop PRO AGEING Feb 24th 6.30pm


We will be diving into ageing and all the GOOD that comes with it. YES YOU HEARD CORRECTLY! We are embracing life of ageing. There will be an in person  and online workshop, a programme to utilise our treatment services alongside and an online programme for you to discover in the luxury of your own time. With so many ways to access this workshop and accompanying programme it really is inclusive for you to join in. Lets start 2022 on a positive vibe and momentum to see us through to the spring. 

Tickets are £20.00 pp which includes an interactive facial kit, talk and refreshments. Limited spaces available. Non refundable, transferable to the online workshop if you cannot attend on the night.


Mirror Me

You cannot beat the hands on professional skincare treatment, but now I am challenging you to try the next best thing. My virtual facial will provide you with all the products you will need to complete this interactive facial. Delivered via zoom either as a one to one session or as a group call. This service I am offering Monday to Fridays for £30 with a bespoke dermalogica product kit.

Bookings need to be made a minimum of one week in advance in order for me to deliver the products to you. Bookings can be made direct with me or online. 

Virtual Workshops

All workshops are now available as a virtual experience, allowing you to enjoy my workshops in the comfort of your own home. Using zoom.  

Accompany your online workshop with a bespoke sample kit for £5 posted.


Gather friends, to host a workshop party and the host will receive an extra free gift. (3+ people required). Corporate discounts available with 10+ attendees. 

More workshops are added regularly. If there is a particular subject idea you would like me to host please get in touch and we can bespoke your party.  

Don't wait to celebrate

Workshops make perfect gathering idea and can be turned into a party celebration with attendee goodie bags and invitations. Children workshops will need parental consent from each attendee, via a web form link, plus an adult present and visual at the workshop. Please contact me to organise a booking.

The Sunday Series

The Sunday series includes me sharing with you my professional knowledge, tips and advice to inspire and motivate you. It includes 'how to's', images, links, and home challenges to complete. Taken from my tried and tested Wellness program I have adapted it to suit you at from your chosen location.
This is a 5 week series. Weeks can be purchased individually or the whole series at a discounted rate. DO not panic about being available at the set time I will be delivering the material to you weekly via direct mail. £5 per week or the complete series for £20. This series is rolling on so you can sign up at any time.


Sign up to my wix app and get involved with my exclusive client challenges. Interactive and fun just to keep us going! Watch out on the social media groups for information or Facebook for all event links. 

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