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Training Academy

"After 20 years in the industry it was about time I started the path of giving back to this amazing career choice. Through the R.S Training Academy I would like to inspire others and pass on my knowledge with passion. I have much experience in attending classes, I have blogged, vlogged and hosted webinars and been a guest speaker with my favourite leading industry brand on a range of industry subjects. I have continually evolved my own business, hosted many events and client workshops/classes. I have been a secret shopper and consultant for business owners. Now I would love to help you develop your own career and staff. Be it technical skills, business performance or for personal development. "

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Professional Edge

Gain the professional edge when you invest in developing yourself. Professional standards, working  environmentally friendly or learning successful retailing. 

I offer small training class sizes to maintain individual and a personalised training environment. 
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