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My logo has meaning, look closer!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

It has been a long time since I have a logo created for my business. As my business journey has evolved the need for a new branding logo has been there for a while.

What is in a logo is a reflection of your business.

An image people can instantly recognize and relate to you.

So I also felt quite a pressure and wanted to focus some attention to get it right. What I realized when my graphic designer stated flinging mood board ideas at me was I had such opinions on what she perceived. It took us quite a discussion for me to justify what I wanted to reflect. Trusting her to get me. My business is 14 years young and has evolved so much over time. I know my business ethos and have always driven to beat prejudice to my job role. I think I was aiming for this logo reflection of me to be a statement piece too. My designer blew me away with all her understanding and created exactly what I desired. I have been running the slogan

'A personal service by Laura'

for some time now and i wanted this to stay. Giving people the knowledge that it is just me in my business. Personalizing the services they receive to their bespoke needs. The last year or so I have been more involved with social and Web presence with blogs, a video channel , virtual make up parties and online shopping consultancy. Knowing that Relaxation Station was branching out I couldn't have a one name fits all aspects. An abbreviation R.S by Laura could be associated with so many things. So I compiled a list of R.S representations. Naming the video You tube channel The Ranting Salon and securing the website domain r.sbylaura.co.uk

When realising this people will understand that so much love and attention went into my logo creation. I hope new visitors will look at it and realize there is so much more to the business and the person behind the title.

Thank you to Jessica @rabbitandotherstories for the graphic design , patience, professionalism and perfection. x L x


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