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Pro Micro needling

With the advances in science and technology, there is no better reason than to evolve our skin care treatments. Pro microneedling is here and wow the results can speak for themselves.

Micro needling is not new. For years it has been used by surgeons to help releases the tension within skin scar tissue. To re establish and produce more collagen and elastin in the skin, thus relaxing the tension in the skin that comes with scarring. Research had led into the study of how the skin and reacts to injury, its processes and how we can stimulate growth and repair. Needling was introduced into the skin care industry many years ago in the form of derma rollers. Metal rollers with needles on to perforate the skin. (Of which I had some trials on my stretch marks with some sucess in areas. I found the facial was a little painful and with not much support in training it left me feeling un willing to perform this on clients.)

Micro needling has further developed into digital pen devices to produce a cleaner entry and exit of the needles. Products have evolved to support the skin healthier further and training has vastly improved! Needling can be used on nearly all skin types and support many concerns.


Perfect for nearly all skin types and concerns. From dull, pigmentation concerned skins, ageing concerns such as lines, fine lines and wrinkles, thinning skin, capillary redness, texture and pores, scarring and post breakout healing. The Micro injury on the skin stimulates the skin to react as if it has had an injury and sends growth and repair factors to the skin. Stimulating collagen and elastin to strengthen alongside new formation. Strengthening capillary walls and barrier function with immune responding cells. Breaking down melanin in the skin, smoothing skin texture with the channels infusing product deep into the skin.


Pro microneedling has been developed by the dermalogica education team to utilise the digital pen devices and much research and study was put into developing a safe and effective treatment protocol. Skin health is always at the top of priority in all dermalogica skin services. Ensuring the skins natural barrier function is not over compromised will

allow for better skin recovery and response. The skin is well supported, and on each treatment, consideration is taken into account on what the skin will require that day. We are tailoring the treatment with correct needle selection and depth and adjusting throughout the treatment as required. Observing the skin and client reaction is paramount alongside strict hygiene and precision of needle control.

There are expected reactions and responses that need tending to if they occur. Pre and post care is given along with recommended programme products that have been tested in case studies to compliment and maximise the results.

A layer of Pro power peel can be applied pre microneeding to enhance the treatment. This will be dependant upon client skin on the day, but shows a marked improvement in results.

Dermalogica spent time developing a powerful product to support the skin during and post treatment repair, Pro Restore. It is the first of its kind in the industry to speed up the skins healing response. Plus the first professional product the client will recieve to take home with them to use post treatment. It has been making some waves in the asthetic arena too with the ability to support the skin so well thus reducing down time between advanced services. Pro restore has had great result feedback on not just microneedling but chemical peels, laser and fibroblast treatments.


They sure do! The digital pen devices ensure a fresh sterile needle head is used each time. The up and down motion of the pen ensures a clean entry and exit on the skin. Rollers create a more triangular channel and open wider at the top which can mean larger spaces and healing. There are different needle heads that contain more or less needles. The selection of these will allow for control of sensation and the number of channels created. The more needles the less surface tension is created and therefore less pain sensation. This is usually most suitable on a first treatment, those with lower pain thresholds and more sensitive clients. The speed and depth of the needles can be controlled on a pen device which will allow for control and comfort.


This can vary depending upon the skin concern and goals. Your pre consultation will allow us to establish expectations. A one off treatment will usually not be enough. We recommend a minimum course of three. This can then be maintained as advised, around 6 monthly, but may vary person to person. The treatments are performed 4 weeks apart. With results seen as an instant response and then progressively as the skin takes it 4 week cycle journey from creation to surface.


There will be an instant redenning to the skin due to an Inflammatory response. This is not cooled as this is the expected response required to see, for the treatment effectiveness and triggering the Micro injury response we want to see.


My own case study over 3 months has been very successful. I will happily share with you my clients photographs of before and after. The results speak for themselves, and I have one very pleased client.

We took the process gradually and followed a protocol and product use for an ageing skin concern. Noticeably in our photos was the line depth and jowl area looking taught. Away from the photographs we have seen a huge increase in the skins resilience and strength. The needle depth increased over the three sessions and the client was completely comfortable and Micro managed their skin at home with confidence.

Before you can book this service you will need to have had a patch test for the Pro Power Peel. I find it better if the pro power peel has been fully recieved in the past so I can learn more about your skins reaction and tolerance to advanced products. 1-3 peels alone is highly effective. To do a peel course followed by a microneedling course works very well.

We will then consult and plan your treatments and ensure your time and commitment to your homecare is established well.

I have several programmes and course bundles to select. Tailoring where needed. We can also build a more or less plan to suit your goals.

Get in touch for a free consultation.


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