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Can your skin step back in time? ...NATURALLY?

A long long time ago there was a skin you used to see reflecting back at you. A luminous plump glowing skin. Smooth and un pigmented. Starring at my own childrens skin I see this. Thier flawless skins no filters required. What's the word... healthy!

Ageing isnt something we should try to avoid. Ageing isnt something we should totally un do. We need to embrace the skins we live in and to me my ethos is protecting it and maintain health as much as I can. Lines reflect the journey we have had, pigmentation the holidays we have seen, scars the troubles we have been through. I know the reality that I cannot stop my skin from doing its job. But hey if I could unwind a few bad habits, stay looking fresh faced then that's worth some investment!

Did you ever get told that having 'good' skin was down to your Gene's? Looking at your family line is definitely a good way to discover why you may experience certain skin conditions and your skin type. New research has now discovered more! Your exposomes. This means your environment and lifestyle choices actually directly effect your skin. Nutritionalists have been saying, for quite some time,' you are what you eat' and i'm sure we all can relate to this in ways. Work, stress, sleep, exercise it all adds up on your skin. The environment we are in can been seen making its mark on the skin, from town to country life (pollution and sun/wind exposure). The new research has put all this into statistics for your skin and how it adds to your perceived skins age.

The amount of years we could potentially undo or prevent is up to 11! Getting information like this is where I can excel at ensuring I pass it on to you. Empowering us all.

For those of us that embrace natural then this next part is designed for us.

New Phyto nature firming serum.

As an ambassador for dermalogica I am privileged to get my hands on new launches in advance. In return I provide feedback and usage testing for fellow professionals. This was one product I thought my skin would not need and may not tolerate . Simply because it is an oily looking serum. I have loved the biolumin C serum and phyto oil because they lightweight, even now and again the overnight repair serum, which is the heaviest of them all. Biolumin C is definitely my daily serum of choice. When you love your routiene how can something else come in to it? Well this is the deliema of the skin therapist ( it's real)! When I first tried this my skin absolutely loved it. I instantly saw a reflective glow of hydration. Not oiliness! Hydration! The next morning it was still there. So I have converted my routiene to include biolumin C in the morning and new Phyto nature firming serum in the evening. Wow what a combo. I decided not to any deep treatment exfoliation, such as the rapid reveal peel or pro power peels. To allow me to see what this does by itself. My skin has looked so healthy fresh. My family and friends have noticed. My healing has double sped up for sure, and that's only 2 weeks in! My skin feels as soft as my daughters and looks plump. Some of my fine lines haven't bothered me so much. I went away for a few nights and stopped the serum and boy my skin missed it!

By week 4 I am still enjoying this serum and have played around with adding a little under my eye cream and to my neck in the morning as those are my key target areas, I feel it has made a marked improvement and any make up I have worn sits really well. Unfortunately I have an imbalance in my immune system and have suffered a really bad bout of flare up. Meaning I needed to lay off using the serum in that area for a few day to tackle the inflammation first. As soon as that was settling I have been adding a little bit back to see how the skin may recover with it. The healing is going well I'm glad to say my skin recovers so much better for being at a healthy point, so although it isnt nice to suffer the pain and lack of confidence when suffering I know have the best tools and knowledge for the job. Learning to ride out and work with the symptoms pattern.

This is the first for dermalogica to make a claim on a product. To provide instant lumonicty and flash firming in 1 use and 5 years skin youth reawakened by week 4. The science is so in depth I have had to repeatedly my training notes and webnair a few times in order to grasp them all. I like to find an easier way to explain to people how and why a product is good or suitable. Giving too much science can be off putting or I can see a switching off moment when someone thinks I am just telling them it to sell to them. That's not my technique, clients know I will honestly advice to thier individual needs. but they also know I like to explain things correctly and well. ( A new product to me is like Christmas! )

So to sum up the amazing science wont do it the justice that this product needs but here I have ;

🌿There are natural peptides in the skin that keep the skin supported and healthy, the clever scientists at dermalogica have made a synthetic version so we can trick the skin to reawaken dormant and deteriorating skin cells and support it.

🌿 New research into our lifestyles and environment have been proven to affect your skins perceived age.

🌿 Instantly flash firms the skin and provides lumonicty. The new version of hyaluronic acid has been proven in a clinical study to fill fine lines in one use.

🌿The serum has two chambers. This is so you can mix the highly active serums together fresh everytime. If it was one serum it would be less effective as the product would need added emylsifyers to mix them together.

I can always trust the expert creators at dermalogica for bringing the science into the products. Making them a cosemecutical brand not a cosmetic one. That's why you can trust that each new product is delivering the most advance technology in skincare whilst harvesting just as much from nature at the same time. No artificial fragrance, vegan friendly, packaging conscious, efficiency and deliverance of ingredients is fore front. An easy company to be an ambassador for in so many ways. All the products harvest nature for its skin benefits. Here is what makes this one unique with some new ingredients to first feature in dermalogica.

Camu Camu

Used for its effects to control Cortisol in the skin. Cortisol is skin destructive and produced when under stress or stress is triggered.

Used for its anti inflammatory effects.

Used to protect and support the skin against free radicals. Reactive oxygen species ROS are everywhere and damage skin to make its self complete.

Hyaluronic acid. A new generation to be used. Different to the hylaronic acid seen in the other products. Found naturally in the skin this is a popular I to increase and hold hydration (water) in the skin. This new version flash fills fine lines and was clinically proven to do so.

I will be continuting to implement Phyto Nature firming serum into my professional treatments so you too can experience it for yourselves. Otherwise ensure you get a sample from me. I have a new facial exercise class that I will incorporate this into for the time being. Then it will be featured in my 2020 new year programme.

Be in touch if you need any more details or to discuss if and where this will work into your regieme.



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