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Do I need a Skin consultant?

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

How many times have you brought a product that just didn't seem to do anything, or perhaps it started to do something and your skin looked fab for a while but then the novelty wore off and you were back to square one? How many wasted products sit in your bathroom?

Having a therapist as your consultant may seem like a lavish thing to do, but it isn't just for the celebrities. My passion within my industry is skin. The how and why we see what we do on the skin, it's patterns and how it can be controlled. I dedicate a lot of my time to professional training and updating my skills and knowledge. So putting your skin in my hands I feel confident I can save you time, stress and money long term when it comes to your skin care purchases.

Not everyone will seek a salon or therapist for their skin purchases. They may decide to follow friends recommendations, follow marketing trends /brands, or impulse purchase. Usually at their own skin diagnosis. This tends to be the most common mistake in finding the right product. Advice is usually only sought when a concern arises that cannot be resolved, or later on when ageing starts making its mark the need for control or resolution is often sought. Understandably this can also come down to time and budget. Advice can come in a number of ways and I understand even visiting a professional can sometimes seem in effective, visiting a G.P and being prescribed medication may still not resolve your concern. Steroid creams should be avoided on the face as it over thins the skin. Antibiotics can work for some people, others that come off the medicines can see their complaint return, plus the resistance to antibiotics is in a sharp increase. A vicious cycle starts and the concern can be lengthy.

My passion is to help you with your journey to healthy skin. I deliver my visiting clients and online customers with the correct regime and or advice through a personalised consultancy service. I want to see results on your skin as much as you do. I'm not choosing to tackle the world with an online web shop, I bespoke to peoples needs one at a time. Even bespoken offers to suit too. The online consultancy begun last year for me. After having clients move away and friends wanting advice it made sense for me to consult with them via emails, messages and facetime. I even have a skin diary that can be utilised to help pin point triggers. So please feel free to get in contact and lets get chatting. I have on my website a consultancy fee of £50 this is fully redeemable against your purchases. Therefore my professional advice is a free service, I would like the gratitude of your business when buying your Dermalogica products. I work alone and therefore your business is vital for my business. Additionally I will also add you to my private groups and shout out promotions that I exclusively create. All after care service is also free. A full product guarantee also applies when purchas through me.

The biggest thing that gets miss is a thorough consultation. A look into the overall picture is required. Sometimes very small minor changes can make a huge difference. Fitting the right kind of products into your daily routine that you will actually use. With so much choice it is very easy to be lured to a product that you just wont end up using. I want you to look forward to and enjoy your personal care. In a fast paced world keeping updated and track progression is an extra thing to do. With me behind you I can take control for you. It will allow you to tweak routine easily, re order quickly and feel hassle free to just get on with tackling your day. I can provide reminders of re ordering, send you details on offers and promotional savings plus help you learn about a variety of options and services available for you.

I can offer my services in salon and distant online via email, chats, video calls. A private and one literally will be your personal consultant to learn and understand your needs and concerns to enable me to recommend the best solutions. Be it treatments to be sought else where, lifestyle tips, empathy for your concerns and positivity to move you through any concerns smoothly and supported. I look forward to talking with you. Terms and conditions available on request. I look forward to chatting with you.

Laura x


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