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Are the traditional beauty salons dying?

It's quite easy to see how the beauty industry has been changing over the past 5 years. With more and more aesthetic clinics popping up, laser houses, and specialist stores .

So are we becoming a nation of quick fix aesthetic work over the long term progressive approach?

I see the industry segregated into sections more than I do losing certain services. Professionals now find thier niche or preffered services to perform rather than trying to become an expert in all fields. This I personally find refreshing and useful when you want to go for a certain type of service. You will know this individual keeps track of the professional arena in thier field, they will way up technology and brands, they will be passionate about what they do. Trained and knowledgeable from professional companies and even have a network of like minded professionals. Insurance and licences will be upheld and they may possibly be part of trade bodies registers. That is what you need to look for if you are going for an advanced service. Check out thier credentials, look for recommendations, enquire or go for a consultation. Ask them out right directly . These are your consumer rights and sensible selection process.

The flip side sees you spend longer going to different locations to seek all the services you need. Time management is longer and organisation harder. Walk in nail and brow bars are convienient, however these usually come at a price of less quality, or time and care taken on your service. A traditional salon will have a higher price but provide you with the quality, luxury and care you may prefer. Thier overheads and time for this will be higher. As we increase our maintenence regiemes cost maybe a factor you need to address. Professionally I would advise you to do less in your month at a quality service provider rather than more for less. Nails, skin care and certainly asthetic work are not services you should risk for saving money. The cost it would take to repair damaged nails, dissolve fillers, rebuild skin integrity is far greater. More is not better in many cases. Faster or aggressive is not sustainable nor achievable quicker if it could result in a reversed desired effect.

The need for multi functioning salon are useful. You will need a salon thats has many therapists and perhaps you seek out the therapists for thier unique skill set. However this can become, in our modern world, less profitable for the business. It will be such a shame if we do lose these community salons. They can provide social hubs for the local residents. They connect with neighbouring shops and collectively build the town you live in. I see salons further adapting because they have to remain profitable. This means if you find someone that is great at what they do, you must support, recommend and rave about them to keep them alive! Social media is powerful and there are many ways you can support a business for free!!

As a one lady business owner I choose to provide many in salon events and workshops. I love to connect with fellow small local businesses. Creating my own community. My annual festive shop will see clients wanting to re meet with other clients. This warms me to know my business has brought people together. They happily share skin stories and discuss thier faviourte type of massage and products. I thank them each and every year for keeping me In business.

In summary the professionals will not be going anywhere! We will stand strong for what we do, how we approach it and we will be the fore front of education to those that grace our businesses.

I love what I do and who I do it for, and know without them my sole business would not survive. It takes a passionate person to do a certain type of job role. Year after year. As I evolve my own career and business with the modern demands the professionals are certainly not anywhere!


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