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Caci Body

Caci Body

The Caci treatment is well known for the facial service and media coverage of celebrity following. It has to be the most popular salon facial service we offer. Even in combination with our other skin care services and machines the Caci system has been a staple service over my entire career! I've blogged about it before from my first job and my dad's personal journey. I'm proud Caci has definately proven the test of time!

For over 20 years I've been working with Caci. The machines have evolved and added technologies incorporated but the main body of the system, the Microcurrent, has stayed the same. I have amped it up along the way to create bespoke services and advanced the treatment to incorporate further results it is certainly a treatment I enjoy to do.


Now the time is to bring back some Caci Body services that have been a little left in the back ground. I performed lots of body toning, slimming and cellulite treatments when I worked in the health club for years. It went hand in hand with the gym members. Body services in my eyes have always taken a lower demand than facial demand. I think due to the fact that the body seems such up keep and maintenence and because people have thier diet and exercise routines so forget anything more. I.e the skin tone, texture and apperance, perhaps people feeling they are already doing all they can for a healthy body.

Sometimes we just need that extra support and that very important motivation to help take care of our bodies.

Well I want you to feel good in the skin you're in!

My faviourte Caci Body treatment is the Lymphatic mode. It helps to revitalise and re energise the body though the stimulation of the body's lymphatic system. Ideal after you have been run down too! Read more into the lymph system in my previous blog. It is a relaxing treatment and is perfectly enjoyable alongside a facial service.

The body contouring can assist in toning and or Slimming the muscle strengthen and definition. These treatments use adhesive pads on targeted muscle groups, a current passes through to contract and relaxe the muscles. 360 perfect sit ups can be achieved in a 20 minute session. For best results these treatments require x3 a week for a few weeks. You can use them as and when needed or in booster week blocks but for a real transformation dedication for the treatments and diet plan together will reach your goals.

We have a professional supplement range and nutritional advice can be recommended. We offer a free consultation to work out the best course of treatment and plan for you.


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