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Reduce your age with Caci microcurrent- Non surgical face lifting.

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Many clients soon learn that the majority of my services i offer have a history or personal story. The Caci microcurrent is one of my oldest and still a staple treatment for many of my facial clients.

My first job role was in a salon in Richmond. This is where i trained with Caci. The Caci company has since had many machines developments add on's and different treatment offerings. But the microcurrent non surgical face lift treatment seems to be the most talked about since I've known it.

  • I've always loved anatomy so learning the 14 movements over the 18 face and neck muscles treated in this treatment was easy. Learning the muscles origin and insertion was part of my college diploma so the microcurrent movements made so much sense and I picked up the routiene quickly. This has stayed the same ever since. The results are amazing and after just one session a difference can be seen . Doing a consultation can offer a half face demonstration of this so you can compare half way through the difference for yourself.

Caci microcurrent was originally used in the medical industry to treat patients that had suffered from bells paulsy or recovering stroke patients that needed the facial muscles lifting,stimulated and 're educated into thier original position.

My father suffered from bells pausly which left half his facial muscles effected. The Caci machine model at the time was a smaller version where I had to input current levels manually. My boss allowed me to take it home to help treat my father. He found that it gave him the most stimulation and effective treatment out of all the other NHS treatments offered at the time. Helping to provide much relief from discomfort and preserving the muscles strength as they repaired.

Seeing the machines capabilities for my self reinforced my knowledge and more over trust within the treatment. Once I was self employed it was naturally my first and one of the best investments.

I have also seen great sucess for another unfortunate client that had poor facial muscles after a Tumor removal servered nerves. Discomfort ease and more control over smaller eye and mouth orbital muscles resulted.

Caci goes hand in hand with the my skincare line Dermalogica. Maximising results and reinforcing anti ageing goals.


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