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Autumnal feelings are around so what better time to check in with your skin regime.

As the season changes I start to see the changes that occur in the skin of my clients. It is a great opportunity to give your skin a stop gap. The summer months have taken their toll and sun kissed freckles and pigmentation are stating to fade. (Pigmentation maybe not so much for most, as the sun exposure has strengthened the production of melanin within!) As this fade of tan occurs we can see a dull or sallow looking complexion. We can start to see tightness and dehydration on the skins surface. Usually a quick reach option is to up the moisturiser. This is where that theory really doesn't solve the issue. Exfoliation is key here. An ideal time to have a professional skin treatment. The professional treatment will be able to provide a much deeper exfoliation than you would be able to achieve at home. All professional salon brands have different products to those that retail for you to buy. Therapists are licence and insured to offer higher strengths of chemical to exfoliate the skin. The deeper exfoliation will help the skin to shed its skin cells that are no longer beneficial to the skin. As skin becomes dehydrated or dryer the skin naturally tries to hold onto its skin cells, even those dead ones. This causes a stitching of dead skin that will very happily absorb that cream you applied. The true healthy skin underneath will not benefit from the moisturiser and you end up trapping those dead cells on. As pigmentation fades from freckles and the overall skin surface tan pigmentation marks can become prominent. This is where the professional peel treatment comes into preference. Helping to work on a much deeper level in the skin and with specific brightening ingredients to treat those pesky areas. Peels can be used year round to help manage pigmentation marks, yet autumn and winter see the biggest rise in peeling treatments to target them when the skin is at its lightest.

Winter will see a deeper level of moisture loss. Losing oil and water lipids from the skin. The skin battles the harsher weather outside and the warmer humidity indoors. Pre protecting the skin in Autumn ensures skin is healthy to protect us from winter. See my 'Winter is coming' blog for more on winter.

So get yourself booked in for a professional skin treatment and we can face map and skin fit plan your autumn regime. Skin fit plans are an ideal way to ensure you are using the correct products for your skin as it is now. Changing skin care is lie changing your wardrobe. Among my brand line is something for everyone, all skin conditions and all environments.


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