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ProSkin Tech

The new Zemits Verstand facial machine has landed in salon. Excitingly I have been testing out a host of combinations and cannot wait to show you what this adaptable machine can offer to your professional skin service.

With so many different technology applications available, this blog will help you to discover all that it has to offer, which applications you may be keen to try over others and whether a course programme may benefit you further.

Of course I have made things easy and created a ProSkin Tech 30, 45 or 60 minute treatment option. This allows you to pick the length of time you would like and allows me the freedom to personalise each of your visits as your skin requirements change.

  • Ultrasonic Blade Scrubber

A tool you may have experienced in your facial treatment already. This is an upgraded version with further therapist controls for change of frequency use. The ultrasonic blade vibrates rapidly. It can be used to help slough off surface dead skin cells, assist with extractions of blackheads and comedones, or it can be used to enhance product penetration into the skin. Brilliant in cleansing and assisting exfoliating products. It is perfect for pushing in moisturisers and serums too. A great all round tool to your treatment.

  • Microdermabrasion

A diamond tipped disc is used alongside a light air vacuum to exfoliate the skin. Different intensity of diamond tips are available. Working with the flow of the lymphatic system it will exfoliate without the use of products or stronger chemicals, whilst improving the removal of toxins in the skin, bringing fresh blood supply to the skin. It helps to accelerate the skins metabolic processes, and allows for improved product penetration afterwards.

  • Vacuum massage

A long standing treatment that uses a light air suction to improve the lymphatic flow of tissue waste and toxins. Draining these toxins improves the cell metabolism, skins illuminocity through improved blood circulation, improves the texture and colour of the skin, has a light drawing of impurities from the skins surface, assists pore cleansing, whilst speeding up the elasticity production and the skins connective tissue is improved.

  • Mesotherapy

This technology is specifically used in biomedical science and accredited as an immensely useful technology in aesthetic cosmetics. Electroporation is significantly based on mesotherapy.

A meso cocktail of skin supporting amino acids, vitamins and hyaluronic acid is applied to work into the middle layers of the skin pushing he products deeper and where they are most required. Combating free radicals, encouraging collagen and elastin production, and enhancing lymphatic drainage and circulation to the skin. Meso injection works on pushing the meso cocktail into the skin of the face and neck. A meso eye and lip wand is also used for the thinner skin area, or for those more sensitive.

  • Radiofrequency

A bipolar radiofrequency which uses an electrical current frequency range of 1-5 MHz. This warms the tissues of the skin from deeper within, strengthening the new cell production and contracting the existing collagen creating a tightening effect. Enhancing the collagen and elastin production at the source the tightening effect can be felt immediately, though for maximum lasting results a programme of 6 treatments is recommended. Due to it working within the deeper layers of the skin the results are seen building at 3-6 weeks with the metabolic skin rate of renewal. Completely painless with no downtime required.

  • Oxygen Infusion

Produces a strengthening effect on the skin and cellular oxygenation. This application makes the skin more resilient and provides a healthy glow. It infuses a hydrating water based solution, aiding transportation and fully permeates it into the skin. The skin feels instantly hydrated and plump.

  • Cryo Therapy

A cold therapy. To assist the skin to constrict and cool, reducing inflammation and soothing redness or inflamed skin. A tightening effect is felt whilst balancing the skin tone. Used over a hydrating serum or aloe to assist glide and the cooling effect. Great for those less tolerable to heat or current. Also perfect post pro power peeling.

The length of time needed for each application ranges from 5 - 15 minutes. With this in mind the longer the ProSkin Tech treatment the more elements can be utilised. If you prefer you can also add on your preferred application of choice to your skin treatment for an add on price to customise your treatment yourself.

Course programmes are available independently for radio frequency, cryo therapy, meso therapy and oxygen infusion on a 6 for the price of 5 sessions. To be used 1-2 weekly as advised, with a maintenance session required monthly. For prices please see the website.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch. I'm excited to up your skincare treatments to achieve further skin health achievements.

L x

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