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Bark Flower Remedies

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

I am so excited to introduce you to these amazing new products. At a time of much need this has landed on my shelf!

These new gems are the emotional tool we all need to assist us. Aptly named bark flower, they are have been created as modernised Bach flower remedies. Based on the principle of homeopathy these remedies have been hand made to fit different variants of mood and emotional difficulties to help you.

So let me provide you with some more information on how these work.

An English physician Dr Edward Bach specialised his career in immunology, pathology, homeopathy, bacteriologist and a herbalist was the pioneer for Bach remedies. He researched, tested and noted the effects that his extractions would have to create 38 unique remedies. These can be mixed according to requirements.

The remedies are made by extracting the vibrational imprint from the flowers in water, which is then further distilled. Essential oils are the physical extract. Bach are the energy extract.

These are so gentle they can be safely used alongside any other treatment or medicines with no side effects. Even fit for children... now there's a thought!

They can be taken 4 times per day under the tongue or into water or as required. One of the most popular and known remedies would be rescue remedy for helping calm anxiety and panic.

These are the 5 remedies .


Everyone should have this available to them - it is a universal product that is like your emotional best friend that’s always there for you.

• Negative associations - Panic, loss of control, fear, anger, pain, crisis, shock, extreme stress, grief, sweaty palms, increased heart rate, dry mouth

• Positive associations - Endless, emotional support, lessening of symptoms, confidence, improved mental and physical symptoms


Ideal for those who are seeking a confidence boost.

• Negative associations - Feelings of worthlessness, outside, isolated, lonely, not good enough, ‘presenteeism’ (too much, working harder for little return) imposter syndrome, comparison to others.

• Positive associations - Confidence, ability in ones own self, belief, ambition, balance, healthy ambition.

Moody *itch-

Ideal for those who are seeking support through *loody hormonal issues (all puns intended)

• Negative associations - PMT, PMDD, Hot flushes, anger, frustration, mood swings, tension, anxiety, tears, appetite changes, poor sleep, change in libido (thank god), poor concentration, joint pain, feeling like a BFP, skin flare-ups, headaches/migraines, alcohol intolerance, depression

• Positive associations - NFG (no *ucks given), MENOPAWS, PERIMENOPAWS < why are ‘men’ in this? Ultimately brings calm during this time

Paws for Thought-

Ideal for those who are seeking cognitive space from repetitive thought & behaviour

• Negative associations - Holding on to the past, feeling claustrophobic, fear of moving forward, repetitive narrative and behaviour, default reactions, overwhelm

• Positive associations - Reflection, calmness, slowing the pace, review, reflect, mental space

Dog Tired-

Ideal for those who are mentally exhausted

• Negative associations - Exhaustion, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, brain fog, ME, chronic fatigue, changes in appetite, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss, immune system, PTSD, ‘mental breakdown’, ‘nervous breakdown’

• Positive associations -Unjumbling mind & thoughts, mindfulness practise, perspective, rested

It takes 21 days to form a new habit, to renew to recharge and adapt. Be that physically when changing your diet or exercise regime or emotionally. These remedies will last you longer than that and you can start to benefit from the results within a few days.

Definitely the investment of 2020 and beyond!

These remedies have been created for you by the Low Ears Group. A new era for the beauty industry that I am very proudly a part of.

Get in touch if you would like further information, help to select yours or for purchase. Free local delivery or collection, or royal mail postage is available at a small extra fee.