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Baby massage

This is a course that I have been wanting to offer for some time. Massaging my own babies regularly it offered me a real relaxing and rewarding experience with my little ones. The benefits of baby massage are impressive. Both mum and dad benefit from attending baby massage sessions. It offers the best opportunity to read the cues in body communication from your baby. With 80% of a baby's communication through movement learning these cues is in- valuable. It will aid the connection and attachment bond between parent and baby connecting on a mutual emotion understanding level. As a new parent it can seem an endless blur of nappy changing, feeding, sleep, comforting and washing. After around 6 weeks all of baby's health checks should have been complete and this is the best time to start a baby massage class. It is also around the time you may want to leave the house and feel confident to do so. Coming to a class that is in a home from home environment can aid both baby and parent security and comfort to start some journeys out together. Any medical issues or concerns can still be addressed so you can attend a class so ask your health care worker or get in touch if you have any pre massage class questions. Many health concerns in babies and premature babies can benefit massively from learning baby massage. Bonding with your baby doesn't always come instantly, it can take several weeks or months to build. It can be overwhelming the responsibility that comes with looking after a little one. As you get to know one another this bond builds and you can enhance this bond beyond through massage. Some people may like a one off class of massage to understand the basics and the do's and don't rules. Others prefer to attend several classes for a deeper learning and guidance.


Baby massage has a whole host of medically recognised benefits for your baby, here I name a few:

*A deep attachment bond helps the emotional bond between parent and baby.

*Enhanced sociable skills

*Healthy brain architecture

*Emotional regularity

*Improved cognitive skills

*Natural nurture skills

*Baby feels understood and secure

* Improved circulation

*Improved physical development

* Decreases pain and assists digestive problems such as gas, colic and constipation

*Aids sleeping

*Can aid babies with hearing impairments, visual impairments, Cerebral palsy, Developmental delay, Hypersensitivity, autism, following surgery.

Older babies and toddlers can also gain huge benefit from massage, so do not feel its too late if you didn't start as early as others. The class will be adapted for older children as other factors effect their enjoyment of massage , such as being busy to play , crawl or explore!


Classes can be booked at a time and date to suit you, booking in advance is advised and can be made directly or through the online booking services page. Group classes are the best way to learn and enjoy a regular class and enjoy some time out with local parents or to meet others. Getting two- six babies together you can arrange a class or a block of classes where we can book a routine class series. Perhaps you know a group of parents or antenatal group. If you arrange a group of attendees for a block of classes a discount will be applied to your booking.

Accredited trained in pregnancy and baby massage.


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