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East or West which are you? 

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

This blog is to explore the different approach to health and lifestyle from the Eastern world and how it varies from Western world. Eastern philosophy and western philosophy varies in terms of how the people approach their lives and health. But which one are you and which one do you prefer the sound of?

Westerns medicine works on the approach of fixing or helping the alignments as they happen through diagnosis and treatment.

Eastern medicine works through the preventative of illness methods, through diet and holistic therapies in regular daily life or rituals.

For many people, the approach to their health may not have become a topic of thought until Ill health appears. Sometimes even they you may stop to reflect on this, it is easier to still continue with your old ways. Cycling in an out of health and Ill health.

Perhaps the Eastern philosophy of prevention seems too hard to implement? But is it more attractive to prevent than cure?

Western medicines are usually straight forward when illness is minor. Colds, flu, tummy pain, ear aches, infections can be treated with prescribed or off the shelf medicine, when symptoms occur. With major Ill health some time may be required seek specialists and carry out tests to form a diagnosis of the concerning symptoms before medicines or treatment can commence. Treatment will be prescribed to the individual needs.

Eastern medicine with the preventative measures will see the medical intervention as a failure to prevent. Though still available as necessary complimentary and holistic rituals will continue alongside.

With the world now connecting and more information is shared learning from one another must be the new way forward!

As I write from the western upbringing, being a therapist and discovering holistic treatments I know there is lots gain from the Eastern techniques.

So what are preventative measures? And importantly how can you start?

Preventative health measures quiet simply are the daily things we do for ourselves. Yes putting your own needs first is the vital element. Something many of us do not find the time for, but obviously at the expense of ourselves. We are not just talking about the food we eat and sleep we take, although this is a major element, It is really about listening and understanding how your own body functions and what it likes or dislikes.

We know some days you may feel full of optimism and energy and on another day we may feel quite the opposite, low moods and motivation. But can you discover what your body needs on these days? Is caffeine a killer or cure? Is sugar or fast food helpful today but not tomorrow? Is it a day to fast and eat less? do we need a day to Netflix and chill or do we need some more exciting entertainment to boost energy and mood?

Discovering yourself helps. Keep a diary of your foods and moods, see if you can find a pattern. Can you spot your fixes or devils?

Can you be kind to yourself and add in self care time. Time to just sit and reflect. Try a mindful body scan or yoga to really take note on how your body feels. If you can manage this daily it will help you take note and plan a strategy on what you can do to adjust any elements you need to make that day to ensure you stay healthy and able. Take not in the morning, afternoon and evening so you can adjust as it is needed.

We often put too much pressure on ourselves to keep going, find that 'me' time later, or could even be scared of what we may discover.

You know being the life and soul, full of conversation, having a full day of 'to do's ' is knackering, actually let me re phrase that …life is knackering! All people have energy drains. Can you find what yours are? Some times a day on the sofa or escape from the world is needed. It's not something to be ashamed of it is self care.

(I'm currently writing this blog on a park bench, but I'm listening to two new mums at my bench talking about sleeping whilst their babies sleep. One mum can sleep at any time for short power naps the other mum cannot. Now I'm thinking is the one that cannot sleep un willing or not yet trained to?... perhaps she feels she needs to get other chores done?.. a power nap or '40 winks' is exactly what new mums need. The disturbed night patterns and loss of concentration, the need for mums own body to rest and heal. Trying short meditation rather than naps is the Eastern way to supporting your health. You do not need to sleep merely get to the sedative relaxed stage, give it a try!).

Try to sit everyday and do this short exercise. It can be your comfy place but it really can be done anywhere. Close your eyes and focus on a few deep breaths to start. Now observe your surroundings by sound, smell, temperature, keep deep breathing. Next think about parts of your body from your head to your toes. How does each part feel? Observe, that's it! A body scan with a welcomed resting break. The more you do this the easier it becomes. Try out the wellness, mindful and holistic programmes we have online for you to learn and discover more.

This is definitely not a blog to suggest medicines are not needed they all have their place! Just a suggestion that prevention and self care, self awareness and action to, alternatives and complimentary therapy can equally ease or assist alongside. Pain management is advised by doctors that cannot ease further. Physiotherapy to those that have Injured or accumulated dis ease in their bodies. Massage and complimentary therapies such as reflexology to cancer patients. Doctors can sign you off work for extra healing time or essential wellness time to stop. All these recommendations come from the professionals! So yes having these in your health tool kit from the early onset will benefit you long term.

  • Take time to think,

  • Feel and reflect.

  • Take time for self care

and importantly

  • Listen and react!

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