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Turtle Necks

Wearing a turtle neck is brilliant in winter to hide the signs of an ageing neck. Another fab tip is a large necklace or silk scarf in summer.

Now you can have more neck confidence when you discover the Jowl treatment hitting my treatment menu in 2021. This will be a stand alone treatment or available to add to any service, brilliantly paired with your skin care treatments.

There will also be a revised Caci combi to incorporate the extended jowl treatment. I have been trialling the new professional neck refining masque on my clients this month to see how I can maximise the results from this new product developed by dermalogica. It has definitely been seeing the best results combined with the Caci microcurrent treatment which tones and lifts the muscles of the face and neck.

A new fascia massage routine will strengthen the muscles in the neck and allow for an improved flow of blood and oxygen to the skin on the neck that can become dull and deeply lined.

We are becoming more engaged with looking down. Whether that be at gadgets in our hands or looking at a computer desk. All this downward neck tilt has an effect on the muscles of the neck. A focus on posture and chin tilt is required.

Did you know there is a brain thought link with the position you hold your chin? Looking down can encourage negative thoughts. Looking to high up can create over thinking. Stand tall and check in with your posture regularly.

To support the new professional treatment there is also a retail homecare Neck contour serum that can be used daily.

This is an instantly firming serum with a metal roller applicator, allowing for a home massage and smooth application, with use overtime ( even just a few days) you will see a marked improvement in the neck and décolleté area.

Combining the professional treatment and homecare, together we can reach full your new neck goals.

You will also be able to discover the neck fit product with our online workshop available to support your purchase or used as a way for you to trial the product before you decide if the purchase is for you.

Get in touch or view our workshops online for further details.

Q: So will you still be heading for the turtle neck or will you become a sleek giraffe that proudly displays its neck?

Oh and just checking..... are you sitting up straight yet?

Or do you now have arm ache from holding your gadget up so you stopped looking down?...

(Let me know I'd love to know!)

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