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Why should you experience a class or workshop to enrich your routiene?

Self care is a simple gesture of time for you. Spending some time to acknowledge yourself and your body/minds needs. We can learn so much from experience, from sharing with one another and from seeking out information. This is where the classes and workshops that I run are a true stepping stone for bringing all three of these together. Designing my class and workshops involve a lot of preparation, trial and research to ensure I bring you relevant information that can be utilised after a session. Hosting interactive sessions are a vital part so I ensure engagement. Visual and written information can ensure you remember the experience.

But why have I turned to offering this as part of my service menu?

Well quite simply by demand. People are seeking more information and I am seeking to provide more. To constantly evolve and enrich ourselves is a natural process. Good for our brains and bodies. My studies have provided me with so much information, providing me with the understanding of why and what to seek for in our skin care and body rituals of self care. I know there is so much more I can pass onto you alongside the ritual of performing treatments.

Back to school and college environments may be a step too far for your information requirements and not everyone needs a qualification on all subjects they are interested in. Plus long courses or alone home study can be too lengthy. I have had many clients say there was never a skin school when they were younger and wished more information was known to them sooner. Teaching teenagers skincare, brow tips and makeup has been popular for a long time now, mainly because parents are seeking this information for their children to know in advance. I feel it is important they too learn this and have developed classes aimed for all age brackets and interests.

So take a browse at the classes and workshops I currently offer. Let me know if there are topics you would like to see me cover. They can all be booked individually or in groups. This encourages the fun to be shared, plus they make a great evening out or day time gathering. Some group classes where you organise the friends to join you can find you a discount for yourself. I can even tailor to location visits for your event too. Just get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of the sessions soon.



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