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ACNE  Teen V's Adult

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

When it comes to acne, any acne at any time can be a challenge. People can feel a lack of confidence and even a roller coaster of emotions, even at any acne grade of severity. From a few breakouts to many inflamed sore spots, to small bumps under the skin. Even persistent blackheads and re occurring spots can put some of us onto a journey of skin discovery and even more so an expensive trial and error of products and treatments that may help us out.

There are many differences between the acne we see when we are in the teen years compared to adult hood. Here is where I can help you to learn key factors and share with you how you can support your skin.


Teen acne can be seen from as early as around 11-12 years old, right up to around the age of 23. Not every teen will suffer acne and for many it is just the thought that it may occur to them that can motivate the start of a product and skin health regime at home. A vital factor at this age is to understand that any spots, breakouts, blackheads and acne is the cause of the hormone surges of puberty. It is a stage that will pass. We cannot stop it but we can support it. It can occur in boys and girls. It is not a result of poor hygiene, although some parents may question this, it is still important we look at your current routine In case there are ways to support the bacteria on the skin. Teen years can start a journey of discovery whether it be using more products on the skin e.g hair styling products, make up or self tanners, at this age we may be engaged in many sporting activities, outside a lot or in environments that can effect the skins natural function. This is where learning some skin facts have become a vital tool for us to teach and share to teens.

Many products are available to teens and affordability comes into the selection process. We can turn to reviews and gimmick or attractive marketing for their selection. This is where the importance comes to understand the ingredients in these products. Many ingredients are used to bulk out product, emulsify, give texture, add fragrance or colour, and are actually known comedeogenic (pore clogging) to the skin or inhibit the skins natural function, thus causing further breakouts/irritation.

There are many tips a professional skin therapist can help you with and every teen is individually unique in how we may approach their concerns. We can help guide you through how best to support your skin through this time. Minimising scarring damage that can occur and preventing un necessary breakout activity. It is a subject that hasn't openly been taught in the past and the professionals are reaching out more so to step in and support parents and children to get it right. We are not afraid to recommend a referral to the dermatologist when we think it is needed. We can work alongside medication or topical solutions that may have been prescribed and help you with any side effects these may have. So seek out the professional and get a consultation just like you would with any other health concern. A skin therapist and dermatologist see skin complaints regularly and have specialised their learning in this sector. So start at your skin centre or recommended professional. I offer a free consultation in person and online for convenience. I also host mini class sessions to talk you through product selection and skin care options.


Adult acne is a struggle to understand. It is more complex than teen acne. It is a topic that is very much so less discussed. It can really effect mood and confidence. It can be a roller coaster of emotions but also day to day look different. You may feel you cracked it one day and your skin looks fab, but then next day there is a new eruption. Adult acne effects more Woman than men. Perhaps down to the regular changing hormones, pressure for earning and working whilst juggling a family, lifestyle shift in pattern and modern day living. Completing a consultation and a Skin diary plan can help us to work through your skin concerns together. Pin pointing where we can make small changes that can have a big impact on what we see on the skin. Adult acne can have more inflammation and leave a post pigmentation mark for what seems an eternity. Healing rates are slower and re occurring breakout in the same or close to area are commonly seen. Adult acne can become wide spread, but for many also in a localised patterned area. Reverting to a skin regime for teen or young acne is not going to help adult acne. The skins is requiring a more bacteria balanced and skin supporting factor to minimise scarring and reduce acne activity. Adults tend to seek quick fix solutions and often find they cannot provide long term effectiveness, or the up keeping is too extensive or expensive. Allowing a professional skin therapist to discuss your lifestyle, needs and expectations can help you feel less stressed and confident in your skin solution. Again a dermatologist referral is always at hand where required. As a starting point the skin centres are the best place to begin. Finding an expert in skin knowledge and passion to help will see you well. Going quick fix and medicinal routes can have other side effects that may out way your skin care goal. Make an informed choice before you start or you may find that you have a lengthy and costly journey ahead of you. Some adults may have had perfectly good skin for years and managed to escape much form of skin care. The skin changes over time and its appearance and support requirements change. What you used 10 Years ago will not be best suited now. Looking into your skin routine can play a vital part in treating acne. Adults are finding it harder to know which product line or range to go for when they may have several boxes of concerns ticked. Acne and ageing can go together as a concern for many women but 'cherry picking' different brands together can sometimes make for a cocktail of disaster.

As a dermalogica therapist and carving my career and business partnered with the company I feel empowered to do well for acne skin complaints. Spending time with my clients through a personalised and thorough route has proven successful. Providing teen and adult workshops and classes have enabled me to pass on key knowledge to help support this difficult challenge. Online or distant clients get in touch and have been rewarded with the help. Finding the key to healthy skin is just a professional therapist away!


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