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The Ranting Salon on you tube

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

' This is me!'

I started braving the video posts last year on my private groups and pages. With a humbling response, as people were telling me they were reading my blogs and watching my short videos, I soon realised that I needed to link them to other internet platforms for widening my reach. You tube had to be the first choice. took some setting up and practice.

If you watch my opening video ' My story' you will soon learn, even though out of the comfort zone a little, I want to bring my career passion and knowledge to you in a professional manner. With serial endorsed b/vloggers already out there, and with huge followings, I certainly am a small fish in the big pond. My aim isn't to reach internet stardom, just to try and let people see from a professional therapists angle.

Therapists spend a lot of their career investing in new technologies, brands and training. All of which give us the know how and qualifications. Time spent working with clients and fellow therapists give us a rewarding, sometimes un expected, knowledge in a whole array of topics.

Being a therapist is widely known as one of the top rewarding career choices and umong the happiest workers. Perhaps I can inspire the next generation of therapists to go Pro or to even showcase our knowledge also.

As we become more price saving, review seeking and re creating 'pinners' sometimes in the end it takes a professional touch to get a good job done.

I would love to hear your feedback positives, negatives and suggestions for video snippets so please feel free to get in contact.

I hope you enjoy watching the channel! )

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