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The digital detox programme

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

I have put together a plan to help the modern symptoms presenting themselves with this era that is all things digital .

As the digital world advances quicker than we can keep up, it is definitely making our lives easier ( or harder for some). Young and old there is no escaping the evolving digital world.

Starting January 2019 myself and clients will embark on my digital detox program, I have created, to see if the small measure's I share will have a lasting impact and a way we look at the future year on. My salon community unite to engage with real humans, real time. In this 5 week program we will have a weekly home challenge, in salon offerings and at home relaxation ideas. Alongside social events for the month and a guest appearance for an educational related topic.

I've already tried and tested parts of this so I am very keen to see the thoughts from the group. I will collaborate the feedback, adapt where needed and hopefully create an ongoing evolving program for you to utilise at any opportunity.

But why do you need to do this?

Perhaps you might be thinking ‘but I’m happy browsing through the world of media’

· We are losing connection with each other. Our human connection.

· Our concentration levels are diminishing. The average person is interrupted by their phones/tablets 60+ times in an 8-hour day, on average!!

· In August, a research study showed people checking their phones every 12 minutes. 40 % saying they check their phones within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning.

71% never turn their phones off.

· Negative impact on mental health has be recognised. Facebook and Instagram are working on limited usage tools.

· We are constantly ‘switched on’. Always ready to read our alerts. This causes the stress hormones to be constantly switched on too. Promoting a sense of addiction.

· You may think we are simply multi-tasking through our lives now but we are ACTUALLY rapidly switching between different activities. Long term intense activity of our cortisol hormones can knock the feel-good hormone serotonin out of us. Affecting our sleep and making us feel jittery.

· The lazy side of our brain prefers to be used. Looking at our screens for quick laughter, or information, to work out sums and to do research. To go shopping online, socialising online we are becoming lazier. Long term memory is affected and our overall brain power is getting slower!

· We are being constantly sold-to. Modern algorithms on our apps learn what our interests are and suddenly, adverts targeted to you will appear. Did you know with permission to use sections of your device, your apps can even tap into our microphones to add your conversations to these algorithms?

Life in the fast lane we, now have gadgets galore. Helping us to be organised, work, live, play and connect. However personally I see a increasing surge in complaints for a multitude of symptoms. Including ;

*Headaches & migraines

*Repetitive strain

*Neck and shoulder problems

*Eye strain


*Lack of concentration


*Overload of the to do list

*Social discuss engagement

*Teeth grinding


*Sleep problems

*Lack of energy / motivation


*Tech neck

*Too much amazon arriving on your door step

*Fine lines around the eye area and brows

*Weight gain

*Family dis engaging together in the home

*Stimulant dependant, caffeine, alcohol, food

*Your work is gadget based and you need time away from the screen

I'm not starting a digital avoidance cult. The detox program I have created is not to tell you to avoid these gadgets all together. Simply to share with you tips, tricks and ideas that can help you take back control of your health and mental wellbeing. Aiming to control and resolve common complaints.

If you can join in this programme please get in touch. Joining will need to be before the end of December for me to organise your starter pack and collaborate diary dates. Ensure you follow the journey and follow up blog to see how it goes.



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