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Vitamin C

It all started with one ingredient...


It's not new news that Vitamin C is beneficial for us, inside or out. It is recommended for its internal immune boosting and support. To help fight colds flu and strengthen our defenses. It is also known for its top protection and reduction of pigmentation that shows on the skin.

Vitamin C is naturally found over our skin cell nucleus and is released on exposure to sun uv rays to protect the nucleus. Further exposure leads to melanin cells producing pigment in the skin to protect further. So topping up your internal and external skin Vit C is highly recommended!

Dermalogica's Biolumin C collection

Biolumin C has become a dermalogica faviourte and top seller since it launched. So popular that soon after followed Biolumin C eye serum and now the two become a trio with the new Biolumin C gel moisturiser.

Known for its potent Vitamin C Biolumin C has has been one of my most re purchased product this year. Vitamin C has been used in products for many years. Naturally found in the skin it is a first line protection for skin cells against sun damage and pigmentation formation.

Vitamin C is however very unstable.

It can deteriorate easily with sunlight, heat and oxygen. Simply having Vitamin C on the product ingredients list isn't enough! You would think having a high percentage within the formulation would be the next best thing, however new research and testing has proven to the Dermalogica scientists that it is all about the deliverance. See the image below when compared in tests against other leading competitors.

With Vitamin C think about an apple that has been bitten and how it can turn brown with oxidation. The same occurs when the ingredient is in placed in a product. Finding the lasting and depth of deliverance of the vitamin before it had deteriorated is crucial. Deteriorating too soon makes the ingredient not successful in its purpose (and a waste of your money).

So the clever dermalogica scientists use an encapsulation technique. Encapsulating their vitamins in this patented way has provided this product with deep lasting results, even at a less percentage than many others. Proving it to be most effective. That's a lots of result in each use!

Biolumin c serum - Apply a few drops under your chosen moisturiser morning and or night. For a brighter completion, target over productive pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Biolumin C eye serum -

Specifically concentrated for the delicate eye area. To brighten and provide a light protection and hydration to the eye area. Apply morning and night a small grain sized amount split between your ring fingers for application.

Biolumin C gel moisturiser-

A lightweight yet silky texture provides super hydration and a lasting natural glow to the skin.

No photography filters needed when you use the biolumin c collection products. For natural glowing skin that you will not want to cover up!

Advanced Nutrition programme

Vitamin C and Vitamin C plus are two supplements available to help you increase your vitamin C intake internally. Any diet or supplements consumed will supply your vital organs before the skin, that's why it is important for you to ensure you have a high quality supplement if you want to see result on your skin too! The advanced nutrition programme is based on technology of delivering skin results. Ensuring the vitamin C reaches your skin as it should, in a stable condition and that to feed the skin from within as it is being produced.

With these high strength supplements you can expect to see improvements within a few weeks.The Vitamin C plus has added extras to support your whole wellness.

Quality assurances are in place with the advanced nutrition programme whom invest into above and beyond product testing. Formulated with top nutrionalists, these products are an ideal partner to work in combination with your home skin care regieme.

For all supplement purchases with the advanced nutrition company a consultation is required. This is free in either face to face or online with a digital form for you to easily fill in and return. Please contact me for your consultation to get started. The supplements are only sold through authorised and stockists so look put for the logo. This will ensure your consultation is studied and you have a therapist that can further assist your needs. The advanced nutrition programme does not replace the need for your go or other medication, it is to support you alongside. Ways consultation your health practitioner. We are happy to send you the ingredient list for them to observe.


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