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Updated: Dec 4, 2023

I have made it quiet clear over the past few years that my passion for skincare and health gives me plenty of motivation and job satisfaction, with the element that wellness goes hand in hand.

NEVER will you find me doing the same routine for your appointments, and I am ALWAYS looking at the whole picture of you when it comes to why you are experiencing skin complaints, nail or hair health and even postural concerns.

The diet topic is huge and plays such an important role in skin health, function and healing. Your skin, hair and nails are all effected by your diet. Your health and stress effect your metabolism, digestion function and hormones, it all goes round in circles.

Performing regular skin treatments on clients can highlight areas that are the usual compaint culprits. When these are on going, we can start to look at what could be happening internally and how we can help balance or assist it for better health.

Diet comes back up. CAN WE DRINK MORE WATER? Can we reduce alcohol or caffeine? EVEN... Do we have a food trigger or intolerance?

So to further support us on your skin and body wellness journey let me introduce you to the Advanced Nutrition Programme.

I have watched this company evolve throughout my career with much interest even considered training with them years ago to become a stockist. Now it fits perfectly into 'Relaxation Station Skin and wellness' approach.

The Advanced nutrition programme offers a wide range of supplements for skin concerns, gut health and wellness.

Starting with its research centre at the international institute of anti ageing the company carries out research and test way beyond the expectations to synergies supplement solutions.

With a sustainability mindset and foundation for all of its, traceable, ingredients and packaging.

Modern farming, food packaging and transportation, directly effects the nutritional value. Along with attractive marketing and confusing labelling, that all make a miefield of information, how do we know that the decisions we make daily in our food choices provide enough nutritional value?

Supplements are not new and are taken by many to support thier dietary needs. Yet with the above how do you decide on which supplements to purchase. The ones on offer? The most expensive or mid priced? Do you consider the labels the testing or manufacturing process?

If you are wanting a supplement to ensure you are consuming enough of the nutirent, surely you need to ensure it is of the quality your body requires.

I was quiet shocked to learn further about food labels and regulations In my training. How supplement manufacturares use different processing methods and where they source thier supplies.

I gained full trust and assurance when I learned why the advance nutritional programme go above and beyond to pay for additional testing to ensure quality in thier products. They have Full traceability of thier ingredients and an exceptional passion for sustainability for a healthy future. For further information check the packaging for members certifications and labels.

So what could be of your interest?

With a lot in the range a consultation is recommended to establish your concerns and needs. Whether a multi functional product may suit you better for saving on the individuals too. Feel free to ask more.in your next appointment or get in touch. Consultations can be done in person or digital.

The products are in guided categories:

Daily skin health

Targeted solutions



Skin Vit A+

Skin Antioxidant

Skin Youth Biome

Skin Omegas +

Skin Vitality


Problem Prone Skin:


Skin clear biome


Skin moisture lock


Vit C


Skin collagen support

Skin plus

Skin ultimate


Immunity intelligence

Vitamin c plus


Metabolic support

Nail science

Glucosamine plus

Omega 3 fish oils

Pro vitality formula

Digest pro


Glutamine powder

To top off the line up there is a food intolerance test kit. Which introduces you to a journey of science to test your dna for food intolerance. Helping you to pinpoint or confirm intolerances.

There is a FREE consultation that is recommended before you make any purchase. Just ask me for the link!

You can also find skin boxes that can be cost effective if you are requiring more than one specific supplement.

I'm excited to see the difference for you and upping the whole wellness support. I have started my own supplements two weeks ago, and already making noteable changes. I hope you will love this introduction line as much as I already do.

Helping to make you feel as good as you look inside and out.



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