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Watch out skin- Winter is coming

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Autumn has suddenly dropped on us. Cooler days, stronger breezes, your rain mac may have made an appearance, if not you may still be clinging onto your summer clothes, hoping to avoid catching the first cold. Winter is coming.

Now is the time to make a slight adjustment into your skincare routine. Hydrating products containing ingredients such as hylaronic acid which can hold upto 1000 times its weight in water are fabulous to maintain a well hydrated skin. Protecting you against the seasonal changes that start to weaken the skins natural barrier of protection. If you do not ensure your skins hydration levels are tip top when winter does come it will sure to take a battering. Dragons aside, it is always worth having a skin evaluation with your professional skin therapist. Your therapist will be able to look into your skins current routine alongside your daily activities and lifestyle to get an overall image to fit the best type of products to suit your individual needs.

Professional salon skin treatments continue to bring advance technologies into the treatment room, through product ingredient innovations and electrical modalities, to provide an increasing level of service. However do not just follow the crowd or go with friends opinions. To develop a relationship with your own therapist is one of the best investments you could make. Regularly discussing your skin, receiving treatments and even sourcing your skincare through your therapist can do more than build a relationship. Therapists will keep notes on your preferences, lifestyle and its changes, noting you as a whole person not just a skin type to put everything into understanding your needs for health inside and out. Plus never forget if you do not like something you must inform them in order for changes to be made. No therapist should take offence as this is just individuality. So if you do not like the facial streamer, extractions or oil in your hair just say!

So will you be prepared? Have your army behind you to battle what comes to face you!


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