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Will you be a plucked turkey or a hairy reindeer this year?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Put quite simply I've witnessed a lot of customers retreat into their winter clothes to and let things go 'o nautural' even quoting a bit of extra warmth. The secret to great looking skin with waxing is the regularity of the appointments. To prevent winter dry hardening skin that can cause In grown hairs and to keep the hair growth in pattern which will result in longer lasting wax results. Stopping for winter will make those spring time appointments more painful, and take a few treatments to get back into routiene. What's more why does it always seem that spring always springs upon us when we want to grab the first dress or skirt for the year and want to bear some flesh.

This also applies especially to the underarm area. Who likes thier shadow under arm that you get from shaving? Keeping the waxing monthly throughout the year will save you lot of frustration! Over time the hair growth will weaken and become finer making the regrowth more bearable. Plus wax will not just remove the hairs from it's root, it will remove any dead skin on the surface providing you with smooth clean skin that will absorb your needed winter moisturisers deeper.

So stay super smooth and think of the Turkey!


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