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I'm having a relationship with my therapist. You gotta get one!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

My last blog 'Winter is coming' touched on one of the reasons for staying with a therapist you like. Sticking to the same therapist can be useful in so many ways, be it for noting skin changes, familiarity for a relaxed experience or loyalty promotions.

Having a good relationship with a massage, beauty, or skin therapist seems an easy thing no? All you need to do is have regular appointments so they know what you like and some info about you no? ...


Keeping a healthy relationship with your therapist is key to a successful path of therapies.

You must keep your therapist informed about any changes. A therapist cannot rely just on a consultation filled in on your first visit alone. Big and small, you will be surprised to learn how even small changes can make a big impact. Starting any new medication is a must including contraceptive controls. Whether you have been suffering any symptoms, e.g. headaches, insomnia, hair or skin changes. Your emotional well-being can effect your treatment protocol and recommendations. Patch tests for tints, lash lifting treatments, ipl/laser and skin peels are recommended before treatments commence. Even if you have had them elsewhere in the past the therapist should ask you to repeat one with them, as their brand maybe different. It is good to remember that you can have a reaction to a huge number of things if you are under stress. Let them know how your day/ week has been, a good therapist will have a compassionate ear and adapt their treatment around what you say. If you are having skin & body treatments you should discuss what your current homecare routine is and what products you use. Having any advanced skin treatments should only commence once you have established a full homecare routine. Pairing your homecare products with the ones your therapist uses will give you maximum impart for top results. A true professional will guide you through all of this. Starting advance treatments too soon will lead to opposite results you wanted to achieve.

It is also amazing to remember that your therapist too is a person not a robot. Although her mood and feelings should not cloud her ability or performance, show your appreciation. A therapist will respect your business so respect theirs. If you need to change your appointment give as much notice as possible. Don't wait for your appointment reminder to be in touch. They may have a cancellation list of clients wanting your slot, or their own personal commitments they schedule around to work. Employed or self employed, mobile or stationed therapists work extremely hard. Business in the beauty industry is diverse and abundant, a lot of behind the scenes work goes on. Staying updated in trends, training, innovations is important and should reflect in the life of a true professional ,bringing you the customer the experience they want to create. Embrace changes, try suggestions and enjoy the journey with your therapist. Putting all of this together if you work with your therapist you will achieve your desired goals and even find yourself gaining a lot more than you expected.

Friends can come and go, family and your therapist will be there for you.

A word from me: 'Being a beauty therapist for 17 years has taught me it's more than just the 'Beauty' in the title, the therapist part is so rewarding. Helping people to relax, off load and enjoy some time for themselves has shown me a passion for the job. I've always strived to try to break the stigma with my chosen industry, especially when my teacher told me I was too smart to do beauty. With time passion has grown with the connection of people not the pleasure in the aesthetics of the industry. If you find a therapist that feels this you will definitely find a great relationship!'


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