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Those precious zzz's

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We all know the importance of sleep. How it affects our mood, energy and concentration, but now the scientists and researchers at Dermalogica have designed a new product, launching March 15th, that works with your sleep using their knowledge to maximise it's effects.

Now before you switch off from this blog I'm not going to put you to sleep with all the details. You can head on over to the soundsleepcocoon.com website to read all the informative research and tips for yourself. Along with a sound track created as adult 'white noise'. Challenge yourself to see if you cannot fall asleep before the end. If you can let me know! ( you'll be the first I've heard of!).

No I'm blogging to help people like myself that reach the evening with a feeling of relief but once I've sat down it's hard to get back up and think about anything else that I should do before bed. The list could get long but mainly to prioritise it could be to plan for the following day to make it run a little bit smoother, to organise the kids school demands, check my emails/messages, clock I haven't missed anything on Facebook, put the house to bed, and made sure I've fitted in my skin care routine. Night time being the most important time to clean away the days sweat, pollution, bacteria and make up. Plus it is the best time for my skin to absorb some night treatments.

There at so many amazing products to help you wake up looking fresh faced and well rested but an exhaustive routine is not what you feel like doing, or now need to do to achieve this. As technology and products advance the key can be simply to rotate and treat some of the home care products as your mini course of. Seasonally this can be adjusted to maximise and treat what the skin can typically experience with the seasons environmental changes. Keeping your home care regime boosted like this instead of a stagnant everyday will show great long term results. So with this in mind my home care has been very simple. Naturally I have to put the new product to the test so i can feed back to my clients ( and my fab rep) and to see what I find works well. After my skin cleansing and spritz I've used the overnight retinol repair. A powerful anti-aging and resurfacing product, scientifically proven retinol is the top ingredient for visible results. Many products contain this. But as i always remind you its the quantity you must look for not just the ingredient. 0.3% is the minimum you should use for results. Overnight retinol repair contains 0.5%. This comes with a few recommendations so always check your using it correctly! A salon only purchasable retinol of 1% is also available. Salon only saleable so therapists can sell only after they know the lower dose has been used successfully and the skin can tolerate and require the 1%. Then I followed this with the new night treatment sound sleep cocoon. Wow my skin the following day was incredible. I have tried the sleep cocoon alone and it gave me an instant one night result i was pleased with. I've repeated this on alternate nights and tried it on off for a week on rotations. So depending upon your skin, its needs and your concerns make sure we have a chat about your regime so i can help you tailor make a plan. Utilising the new skin fitness plans is a great way to keep track too. This is a free service so just say and ill book us on some extra time at your next appointment. Some quality higher end products can work out cost effectively like this so no matter what your budget you can find great results. That is what my extensive knowledge is great for helping you achieve this.

Active ingredients ( ingredients that are shown to actually make changes within the skin) are an excellent way to help do this. There is also options for all. i.e If you do not want to try retinol the power rich is a targeted acid free smoothing course of 5 tubes for 5 weeks use. As we age the products we use need to be adapted to correctly support the skin as it changes through time. So if you think just using a cleanser and moisturiser is enough because you have always done this since you were 18 you may want to book that skin fit plan.

I am looking forward to hearing your experiences with sleep patterns and product use in your next skin fit plan or appointment.


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