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The best ways to find self care

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Have you heard of the term self care?

It seems to be a phrase of the modern world, but actually has been a part of your daily life even if you didn't know it.

Self care doesn't mean to be exhaustive or for you to find the extra time to do so daily. Many of our lives are full and it can seem daunting to add in more just because we are told to spend more time for ourselves. Juggling or balancing our lives can seem like an end goal but it doesn't need to be. Scheduling a pit stop at the gym before or after work can work for some but not all of us. Taking an extra days holiday from work may have good intentions but somehow we find we fill this me time with

other things on our to do list. So how can we find ways to ensure we do find focus for ourselves? What are the best ways for us to feel confident that we are looking after ourselves?

Take a read though some of my suggestions and see if you may already be doing this or you could adapt what you are currently doing.

❤💖 Daily bathing-

Hang on this is something that you do daily so why am I suggesting this? Well bathing has been around since as long as we know, its a natural want and personal hygiene certainly comes with its perks. Date back a few thousand years and we may see bathing as more of a formal ritual. A luxury of the gods and goddesses, of royalty and the rich. Drawing a warm bath by a roaring fire, adding scents and soaps. Cleopatra was known for bathing in milk, So perhaps look at your bathing ritual each day in this new (but old) light. Embrace its pleasurable feelings of relaxation, awakening and self cleansing. rinse away the troubles. Inhale the scents and soothe your mind. How about even once a week you allow yourself a luxury bath product to use. Add a body exfoliation, take more time in shaving, apply a facial masque and take your time.

❤💖Close your eyes-

Other sense are heightened when you close your eyes. It gives the brain and eyes a moment to rest and restore. Be it a few times throughout the day or in times of feeling rushed/stressed. Fit 5 minutes into your lunch break. After the school rush. It can go and work everywhere with you! Try inhaling a little deeper or at least listen to the sound of your breath when you do so. Switch off from your surroundings and focus on how you are feeling. If you end up drifting off for a power nap it's a sign you must have needed it so, if you worry this may be the case then set an alarm timer. Power naps are a certain and proven effective method for restoring your energy naturally. Eye masks and wheat packs are great for aids for relaxing the eyes. Take a look at my wheat pillows which can be heated or cooled. Made in England they are a fantastic tool to have.


When you are feeling hurried, mentally clouded or clumsy simply stop and breathe. Inhaling slowly and fully then exhaling slowly and fully too. Feel the rise and fall of your chest. See if you can expand your belly on the inhale and flatten on the exhale. Repeat 3-5 times. It will put you back in the room or moment, let your brain process your feelings and help you to carry on.

Alternate nostril breathing is a fantastic breathing technique for clearing sinuses, headaches, head pain and to support anxiety as you concentrate on the rhythm of breath.

Aromatherapy is a proven complimentary treatment you can benefit fully from. At home diffusers and a wide range of alignment blends are available in salon for you to use at home. Experience an aromatherapy treatment massage and you will receive a trinket of the oil to continue to use at home too.


Spend time talking with your partner, children or friends. Ask about them and their day. It will make you and them happy, by showing your interest you may learn more than you thought and in turn make you want to spend more time with them. Enjoy time together.

If you want to talk or not on your appointment visits you will find that I am great at both.


You cant beat a bit of fresh air. Ensure you breathe the fresh air daily. Walking is far better than a wound down car window of course! Get moving and take in your surroundings. It helps you clear your head and gets some brilliant body exercise, releasing built up adrenaline ( the stress hormone). Happy hormones are produced as we connect with our environment. Making us more productive, sleep better, and focused. Live local to me? Walk to your appointment and take it in, you will feel more relaxed before and after your appointment.


Getting a good nights sleep is proven to help our health. Our mind and bodies spend our sleeping time healing, repairing and processing. Sleep should be a regular routine and enough for you. Everyone may vary in the number of hours they require. You should awake refreshed and ready to go. Sleep problems are high and you will not be alone if you suffer with insomnia or disturbed sleep. There are many ways to help you sleep and the consistency of these techniques is definitely key to success.

Ask me about my sound sleep treatment experience, supporting aids and advice I can help you with. A relaxing treatment is certainly on most peoples list of sleep inducing help. Perhaps give it a try for yourself. Reflexology and Aromatherapy are great sleep inducing treatments to try.


The healthy stuff! H2O . You know water is on the agenda on this tip. Squash and sugar free drinks are also good for hydration and electrolyte balance. Fruit juices only count as one of your 5 a day with one small glass. More than that is wasted and flushed out, or adding up towards your daily sugar consumption. Fruit juice/smoothies contain a lot of sugar so ensure you drink early on in your day. Caffeine is a diuretic flushing out water that is stored in the body. For every cup of tea or coffee you have you will need 3x glasses of water to replenish it's loss! A good tip is to take a bottle everywhere. On a car journey, commute, supermarket shop, school run, get into routine of sipping throughout the day, rather than trying to drink a few glasses in one go! Limit less drinking before bedtime to reduce the need for a mid night trip to the bathroom. A herbal tea maybe better before bed to quench thirst in a smaller quantity.

Not only is water good for your body and mind, but the skin is a tell tale sign to spot dehydration. You'll always find me fetching you a glass after your treatments, but don't sop there. After any salon treatment increasing your fluid intake is highly recommended.


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