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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This treatment technique first dates back to 2300bc. Egyptian tombs show foot massage on wall paintings. Through the journey of time the theory of reflexology has been tested, subjected to science and become rituals in cultures. A constant development of techniques, uses and theories of how it works is a fascinating story and one I simply always knew I would want to get stuck into!

My career has seen me using "foot zone" therapy and thai foot massage. A full reflexology qualification has finally completed my skill set and broadened my knowledge and passion into this amazing skilled treatment. The training itself for years has averaged seen case studies and lessons to take two years to complete. So thankfully with new training innovations I could complete all the theory and written assessments and course work in my own time at my own pace. Completing the qualification with a practical training and assessment session. The theory was intensive and when you experience the treatment for yourself you will see why. Understanding the body's internal systems and how they all play a part to balance one another is vital knowledge for reflexology, if one part of the body in dis ease or stress it can counter act another linking to illnesses and symptoms that we experience. The foot is mapped out to represent the internal organs in the body. Apply pressure techniques to the areas can help to balance and aid the body's own healing capabilities to provide relieve and equilibrium to health. A deeply relaxing treatment. A series of treatments is best to help restore and balance the body. Healing takes time as does rejuvenating its systems. Health and energy can be experienced over the sessions thereafter a maintenance session can be useful to keep up its balance. Some may find the treatment can be powerfully detoxifying and feel a type of detox symptoms post treatment. These always reside within a short time and it is a good sign of the treatment being effective. Others may experience a good nights sleep and energy boost.

So with all this through your feet why would you not be interested in trying it out for yourself? A very neglected part of our body that works extremly hard perhaps reflexology will be your next booking.

Looking forward to seeing your feet on my couch soon!



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