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Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is life’s gift, somehow though we can perceive the nine month pregnancy term as an beautiful breeze and an enjoyable time. Fascinated by the process of baby development and plans for the new arrival seem lucratively magical. The reality is it shows us women exactly how strong we can be. The body goes through major changes in each trimester which takes its toll on the physical body and mental endurance of mood swings and emotional roller coasters. Now don’t think for a minute I didn’t enjoy my own pregnancies. Both pregnancies I had a rather good ride. My first saw me very healthy in deed, having an underlying immune disorder I think the pregnancy made me healthier for sure. The second pregnancy I suffered the sickness saga for sometime but I feel already having a young one my mind was well distracted too. One of the best things I found helped me was massage. I sought out my professional friends and enjoyed regular massage. it relieved the cramp in my calf's, lower back pain, shoulder tension and I slept better too after having the massages. Prenatal massage is increasingly being advised by medical professionals for its natural body healing and assistance. Professionals with a pregnancy training certificate is required to carry out your treatment and it is definitely advisable before any massage during your pregnancy you that you do consult your own gp or midwife for their consent to provide your practitioner with. As each persons pregnancy can vary so can their health or challenges they may endure during this time, having the extra consent for everyone involved is reassuring. Professional trained massage therapist study the major factors associated with the bodies changes, stages, symptoms that can be experienced, techniques of massage that can and cannot be used, areas of focus and frequency.

Studies have been performed and the results clearly show the benefits of prenatal massage are huge, including:

*Improved circulation for mother and baby *Increase in the feel good hormone serotonin that aids stress reduction and calmness *Better sleep

*Reduced anxiety and depression during pregnancy

*Quicker birth rates

*More flexibility in the muscles which aid posture support *Reduces pain in muscles and joints

* Reduced swelling in limbs

* Helps the body adjust to posture changes

* Improved health and self healing for the mother

* Allows the body to self heal and medicate naturally providing medicine free pain relief

The first trimester is a fast developing foetus phase, which is intense, along with hormone changes, digestive changes and emotional mood swings, it is best advised to avoid massage at this stage as the body is already under a lot of stress and it is delicate stage. Although it is not completely restricted or sometimes avoidable. Regular massages in the second trimester will see you through well for the advanced postural changes and aid the body to adjust well. They help to receive the third trimester better. As the body changes rapidly the posture is altered and muscles are stretched into new postilions. Lower back and shoulder pain is common. in turn this can also lead to headaches, leg cramp and sciatica. Massage can help the muscles to adapt and the brain to understand the body's new requirements. As the tummy grows the best position for laying down is on the left hand side (assisting pressure on the organs too) . This allows the whole back to still be massaged. The whole body is massaged during a pregnancy massage, excluding the tummy. The legs are massaged from the front with you in a supported seated position, here the shoulders, neck, scalp and face can also be treated. Massage during pregnancy is a time for you to tune into your own body's needs and relax. It helps your mind to clear and connect with the body. Emotions can become more controllable and sleep is improved.

Massage definitely is a great gift for yourself during your pregnancy and will help with your recovery from labour. Post labour massage is very beneficial for the postural structure changing back to its original position and the organs and hormones to correct again. So i hope you get to experience all the joys and benefits massage can bring to your pregnancy. See also the baby massage class that I offer for another complete massage experience to enjoy with your new little bundle.


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