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Mirror me - Virtual facial

At the point where we hope to be easing out of the Covid19 lock down measures, we realise that the hospitality sector, including hairdressers and salons, may still be a way off.

I have certainly tested positive in missing my clients. I have been trying to stay in touch through calls, messages, video messages, emails and social media, but nothing beats the real deal. Last week I had five enquiries of when I was back to work. Quite simply that rides on a number of factors for me right now. Home schooling my seven and nine year old has given us some odd challenges and we have just felt like we have began some form of rues and routines for completing the set work, getting dressed and being active together to avoid complete screen zone out. Yet it will not surprise me if my children will not go back until September. With this in mind running a treatment room at home during the daytime is going to prove difficult, plus I have the safety for my family and clients too. I have been spending some time on learning and training with the professional companies and brands that are offering insight into the new measures we will be required to undertake when we do re open. I will provide another blog on details on what I will be implementing to keep us safe. The sterilisation between clients will take further time out of my offering opening hours. A small independent business like me will be impacted largely by all of this. I feel I want to be in touch with my clients and to hear how they are doing. Making as many of my services as possible available online makes perfect sense for us to stay connected.

Mirror me is a virtual facial. Yes I know you cannot beat the real professional hands on experience, this is what I can do right now as your second best. To ensure you make some time for yourself in this stressful, uncertain changing times. To ensure you keep up all the investment and hard work we have put in together to establish a good skin regime. To help you maintain and boost your skin like you would with a monthly skin treatment.

Mirror me is arranged through a Zoom meeting which I will provide the link for. It will take us around 30 minutes to do, with a 15 minute allowance for technical and over talking, which I am certainly will happen!

I have priced it to include a facial kit of samples and mini products for you to perform the whole routine. The session can be arranged as a one to one private session, this allows for you to really receive a personalised treatment and discuss your needs and concerns. Alternatively you can arrange a friends and family group facial to share together, or I can group call clients together that request the same dates. The cost for this service I am charging £40 p.p. If you arrange a group of three or more attendees to join you I will provide you with a free extra gift of your choosing, a wellness product, facial tool, aromatherapy product, or dermalogica product up to the value of £20.

I really hope you find this a fun and useful alternative. I really am looking forward to seeing you and hear how you have been getting on. From the feedback I have already had many of us haven't been wearing make up and have felt that therefore wasn't much need to be completing your twice daily, thorough or even at all, skin care regime. You know how passionate about skin health I can be. If you return after a potential three months of that I think you know we will certainly have some work to do. Re in forcing the need for daily skin care is where I can start to help you. The need for a regular routine and using my new Mirror me service will certainly keep you checked in! The eyebrows, leg wax and nails may get sorted once this is lifted in one, a potentially longer, session but skin concerns will hang around a while longer.

Skins have started to see some changes during our new routines of life at the moment. Whether that be the return of some eczema, dry patches, redness, spots or inflammation, perhaps even a combination of a few of these. Checking o for a Mirror me virtual facial will help you to recognise more that you can do to help and allow you to understand why you are experiencing these symptoms.

See if you can answer some of these:

I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe x


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