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A word that has been thrown around more in the recent years. As has meditation. They are two different things but go together very well!!

People may interpret whether they are a mindful person or not differently. To have observation in your life is defiinately being mindful. To have an opinion of others or think about both sides of the coin can be mindful. I think I can safely say that no one can be 100% mindful. We have life distractions, challenges and multitasking demands that get thrown at us, and let's not forget pandemics.

But what makes mindfulness so special?

It isn't something we should just do now and again for Relaxation. It is something we should and can do daily. It should be part of your daily life and here's a brief on why:

- It helps manage stress levels
- Helps you to live in the moment
- Enables you to enjoy everyday. Even the smallest of things as the small things matter!!
-Helps you to understand and process activities and challanges
- Brings positivity
-Enables gratitude

I'm know I can list you many more..from personal experiences and from dealing with clients I feel quite blessed to have a diversity of people in my life.

During my 21 years career as a therapist I has certainly taught me much more than I ever expected a job to do. I have often been asked "what treatments do you like doing the most?" My usual answer would been facials and all types of massage. Though I do love the satisfaction of a brow transformation!

Having time to assess my x3 business lockdowns I have been quite reflective on my career and these types of question. Also where I have been leading my career onto.

Those that know me well know I am a busy lady and manage to keep myself well motivated. It's been interesting to look at what I have done during the spare time I have had. All that being said I also know that multi juggling, though I am good at it, really is a weakness too.

Mindfulness brings focus

It certainly has helped me!

A reflection of my clients needs and demands that I felt when receiving clients back has brought my feeling of the need to cater better towards supporting the mental wellbeing and health further than I already do.

Consciously rather than unsubcounciously!

The Result was a development of more mindful focused treatments and workshops for you to access . My membership with the UK charity Mind will recieve a donation for every midfulness treatment or workshop taken.

I havent just created these out of my creation flare. These are well researched and adapted. I have taken many course qualifications which has also led self development. I have assisted development with an industry leading mental health campaign warrior for our industry.

My new qualifications include:

- Counselling skills

- Advanced cbt

- Guild accredited mindfulness guidance

- CLEAR clients communications with dermalogica education

- Colour therapy

- Emotional freedom technique

Combining these with my existing Aromatherapy, Reflexology, La Stone and Crystal therapy I feel even more empowered to support you.

So on your return to the treatment room or to assist your health check out these new services on my website. Feel free to get in touch if you would like any further details.

You will find our app has acess to a mini mindful challange full of mindful exercises. For you to discover too.

Please know you can feel supported by me. 🤍


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