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Look out for Clinical Studies!

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

What makes a good product?

Is it the reviews?



This is where I let you see the importance behind clinical studies. If you have read any of my previous blogs you will have noticed that I am a bit of a skin geek. When it comes to scientific fact then I'm all in! Here let me explain to you the clinical studies that have been done when the experts in the laboratories to create our Dermalogica products for the consumers and salon professionals. Clinical studies are required to be performed under strict rules and are regulated by independent bodies. Research can be done by the company by themselves but to make a product claim for effectiveness and results this is where you need to be savvy and look for the clinical study to prove them. Research will help the formulators in designing the way they place ingredients together for maximisation of the ingredients they choose to combine.


Known for its potent Vitamin C this product has been very popular and has been one of my most re purchased product this year. Thank goodness for its new bigger size! Vitamin C has been used in products for many years. Naturally found in the skin it is a first line protection for skin cells against sun damage and pigmentation formation. Vitamin C is however very unstable. It can deteriorate easily with sunlight and oxygen. Simply having Vitamin C on the product ingredients list isn't enough. You would think having a high percentage within the formulation would be the next best thing, however new research and testing has proven to the Dermalogica scientists that it is all about the deliverance. See the image below when compared in tests against other leading competitors. With Vitamin C think about an apple that has been bitten how it can turn brown with oxidation. The same occurs when the ingredient is in a product. Finding the lasting and depth of deliverance of the vitamin is deteriorated too soon making the ingredient not successful in its purpose. Encapsulating their vitamins in a patented way has provided this product with deep lasting results at a less percentage than many others. Proving it to be most effective.


When it comes to SPF's (sun protection factors) Dermalogica take things seriously. Utilising the opportunity to educate the professional skin therapists and the public. Adding an SPF to a product can effect the amount of active ingredients that can be used . Drone technology has been known in the medical industry for a long time. Now the skin care companies have the power to use this in their formulation allowing the product to be exactly delivered to where it needs to be. Even making it light activated as in Prisma protect. Check out my other blogs for information on my accreditation with the skin cancer charity Masced. I even have a sun safe workshop for you to learn the facts and top advice.


saw the study into the skins acne production, comparing teen acne and adult acne. The study showed how and why acne differs at these stages and how it best responds to topical solutions. Research into the skins microbiome (the natural skins bacteria) showed how some ingredients can effect the good bacteria as well as the bad. With this research the team could develop products to protect the good bacteria. Studies show the results of reducing the acne causing bacteria's. Workshops for teens and adult acne are available by myself as a service helping you to learn the true facts and bust myths.


An updated formulation was seen in some moisturisers. The much loved skin smoothing cream is one of the first and longest reigning products to have had an ingredient face lift. With apprehension of change the team did amazingly to keep the loved features of these products. Studies made showed the efficiency of the formulation to with hold vital moisture in the skin for 48 hours. Busting some myths that moisturisers provide nothing to the skin. See the clinical study image below for the results. Take my micro lesson to learn whether your skin is dry or dehydrated. There is a big difference in the two, knowing which you are will determine the best moisturiser for you.


A peel you can perform at home. Significantly less in exfoliating strength than the professional peel yet strong enough for some top results, it is the strongest home exfoliator in the line. That being said it has been formulated to control the skins reaction to chemical exfoliation, allowing no down time ( redness or sensitivity) . See below for the impressive clinical results. Measurements for this study were done after a 13 applications, which equates to a 3 day kick start phase followed by 10 weekly applications. This is amazing and enhanced further combined with the professional peel performed in salon. Combining Rapid reveal peel with the professional Pro power peel is a super charged skin programme for maximum results.


Research was undertaken into the way the skin responds at night time. Creating a binaural clock for you to see the results. Knowing these results have lead me to ensure clients are getting their evening skin regime in before 9pm to maximise the efficiency of their products. Tests also show the response form testers. This has been utilised into the Wellness programme that I offer, along a sleep inducing massage. Harnessing the power of aromatherapy with french lavender sound sleep is designed to activate on motion for a continual sleep aid for the wearer.


The latest development launching August 2019 and one that provides Dermalogicas first claim to product. Claiming up to 5 years skin youth back. Clinical studies show the ingredients efficiency at instantly filling lines and wrinkles and providing luminosity in one application. Firming the skin from within over a series of weeks for its full potential. Research provided knowledge for the scientist to develop this product in two chambers in the packaging. Allowing you to mix it fresh each use plus removing the need to add emulsifiers that take up the space of active ingredients. A potent formulae that is sure to do well. I am creating a new years programme 2020 that will incorporate this amazing product. Keep an eye out on the website for the programme details. why not subscribe to the mailing list or download the app to ensure you receive my updates.


A product that has been on a lot of peoples wish list. That so because of the main ingredient feature, Retinol. Retinol was publicly announced for the scientific research that it is, so far, as the only proven skin ageing reversing ingredient. It boomed in the skin industry and marketed for its inclusion in skin products. What was missing was the information on how to go about choosing which Retinol product to go for and why they all can vary. Formulation is everything when it comes to Retinol, and in this case its percentage of Retinol too. Having a minimum of 0.3% Retinol was clinically proven successful. Unfortunately this comes with a price tag and is not the chosen percentage of choice for a lot of other product brands. Along with the success of Retinol is the results of it being potentially irritating on the skin. Causing redness or over tightening the skin can feel sore. The skin can also burn faster in the sun and become heat sensitive. With all this in mind Dermalogicas approach was to formulate a customisable product that can be adapted to individual requirements. Take a look at my Age advantage workshop and retinol blog for more information. Dermalogica had two formulae. 0.5% and 1%. The 1% formula is only available within skin centres to ensure professional advice and skin tolerance is maintained.


The formulation for the skin centre professional products are passionately formulated to ensure the skin therapists can provide enhancing and developing skin care health services. The products used within the treatment room are often at a stronger ratio than that of the home care products. Often journeying a client through a skin regime in and out of the salon for growth of skin health.Thus enhancing the skin further for results UN-achievable at home. Directing consumers to one of Dermalogica's registered skin therapists or centre ensures the consumers can seek professional advice. Not only does consulting with a skin professional achieve more from your purchasing choices therapists provide a whole host more. Read my blog 'Do I need a skin consultant?' or ' I'm having a relationship with my therapist, you gotta get one'.

Skin health is the up most importance to Dermalogica. Formulations are only produced to meet the needs of the professional and consumers if they meet the skin health criteria. Use of some harsh ingredients are opted out of. Development of some formulates may take longer to ensure the right deliverance. With professional peeling the Pro power peel was created to be completely customisable for each client on every visit. Ensuring the professionals understand fully the combinations and results that can be achieved in the training centres provide the skin therapists the confidence to prescribe the best course of action for the desired end result and that client expectations are met. Developing a professional service like this can also allow the skin professional to minimise skin sensitivity, reaction and down time between appointments. Always seek advice before undergoing a peel. Patch testing will be a pre requirement. Pre and post treatment guidelines need to be adhered too .

I hoped this information shared was of significant use and will allow you to see that education and knowedge key. With this passion for sharing my knowledge came about my development of events into micro classes, classes and workshops which can be undertaken for you when desired. Even if you are not a client in close proximity to visit me we can connect together and host a workshop at your convenience and location through the power of the internet. Please get in touch to arrange. If you would like a little more then you can also head over to my You tube channel 'The ranting salon' for more free knowledge. Raising the bar for the skin professionals. Bridging the gap in advice.


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