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Led technology

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Skincare treatments had a massive boost last year in the treatment room, with the power of L.E.D technology and combined with some truly amazing product research that enable the product applied to adapt with this powerful light source. This year will see more of its use, but what's all the Fuss about? Here ill outline some of the facts behind LED and why it is the therapists best introduction to their clients skin treatments.

L.E.D stands for Light emitting diodes.

The majority of people will know of led tvs, phones and lighting being revolutionised in the past 6 years due to its ability to separate the spectrum of colours for a crisp brighter light emitted.

In the Beauty industry the first treatment i have come across using a single (red) coloured spectrum of light to treat the skin was in 2000, known as enlighten it was used to target crows feet, but without knowledge the treatment seemed to fade out. I have seen red light slowly creep into further technical companies still using just the red spectrum. Caci Futur tec i used for years was targeting lines and wrinkles to stimulate collagen. Then i also found a facial steamer that emitted light colours from red and blue to target skin complaints such as bacteria and soothing redness. So light has always been present in my career but now with research backing it it is making its biggest impact yet.

Studies were held in space for over a decade to try and stimulate plant and bacteria growth. The colours from the spectrum of light were in turn tested for their qualities. This then turned into studies on human reactions to light. Red showed strong signs of encouraging growth and stimulating collagen. The building blocks for a strong supporting skin structure. It also proves to aid healing and inflammation, thus a soothing effect. Blue gave evidence of bacteria control, perfect for oil control and breakout activity. Green light was absent from studies but has been proving to have an effect on the bacteria that produces acne, alongside decreasing the level of melanin produced in hyper pigmented skins.

Like the sunlights ultra violet rays led colours have different wavelengths and will penetrate the skin at different levels. This ranges from 380nm to 700nm. Red is in the 640-700 nm range, blue is at the other end 400-470nm.

Light is a natural human reaction, from the sunrise and sunset rhythms our bodies can adapt to, be it in travel or seasonal changes. The serotonin chemical production in our brains to make us feel good. Vitamin d production from short sunlight exposure to keep our bones strong. Ageing free radicals and melanin pigment production and even cancerous from uv exposure.

We have so many effects on our bodies daily from light that we do not always think of. Its no wonder the science behind this fascinating world of light is helping us harvest the best of it.

Product research has shown that ion chargeable ingredients can create a reaction within the product on the skin when applying a current or led light. Dermalogica last year produced some serums and treatment masques specifically to work with these technologies. Results i have seen have been amazing and instant. Changing the effect and behaviour of the skin. One off treatments will see this boosting change but imagine a series of treatments to alter the skins response longer term. My favourite and best results i have seen so far are on my existing Caci clients. Caci has been a staple treatment for me for 18 years after seeing its huge benefits on my fathers bells palsy and another clients pain relief with a muscle facial issue, alongside its originating background in the medical treatment sector. It uses microcurrent to lift, tighten and re educate the muscles of the face and neck. I have designed a treatment combining the Caci, Ion charged products from Dermalogica, with Led and ultrasonic technology for a complete muscle and skin care treatment.

So with clients excited to receive their next treatment and myself excited to test its limits and see results and ultimately make people feel truly amazing about their skin. The journey of skin is one I have with my clients.

Facinated by science? Do some internet research. My inspiration source came from 'light of life' by David suzuki.


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