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Hey Vitamin A

Here you will discover why vitamin A is such a skin hero and how you can ensure your skin is getting enough of it!

Vitamin A is a great all round essential vitamin. It helps your eyesight, immune system, reproduction, healthy organ function and where the skin is concerned it is the building protein of the skin.

If you have ever checked out a product ingredient list you will notice the Vitamin A is also known as retinol. It has been increasing Inpopularity In the skin care world for some years. You can even find other blog posts I have published on retinol!


Vitamin A can be easily overlooked within a diet so using a supplement and or topical application of this essential vitamin is a great solution.

It is naturally found In foods such as liver, fish, broccoli, carrots, spinach and turnips. Perhaps not your everyday foods but certainly within your diet intake somewhere. Vitamin A can be stored in the liver but a low amounts in the body may take some time to show its symptom side effects, such as dry skin and reduced vision, especially at night.

A safe dosage is recommended at 700women -900men mcg a day. High amounts are over toxic to the system, the body will not remove the waste if it is not necessary, unlike other vitamin counterparts such as vitamin C which are flushed out if they are not needed.

It has proven itself as a vital vitamin against ageing factors, sun damage and pigmentation production.

Vitamin A inhibits the collagen breakdown factors and protects the skin cells against uv damage and normalises pigmentation production.

In summary Vitamin A is great for:

💛Pigmentation prevention and reduction

💛Collagen support

💛Skin metabolism

💛Stabilising skin cell production

💛Eye sight

💛The immune system

💛Vital organ health.

So you now know you need this vitamin let's see what and how you can support your skin and body health better using vitamin A.

Vitamin A In Skin care

Retinol is hugely beneficial in the skin cell turnover. The skins metabolism or reproduction as it were. With ageing the skin cells reproduce slower than when you were younger. Your skin will always need a set amount of cells so as you remove the surface dead skin cells from the epidermis the cells will push up the newer skin revealing brighter younger looking skin. If we increase the skins metabolism with retinol you will see this more youthful appearance lasting longer.

Retinol can be applied daily, best in the evening. You will need a suncream in the daytime to prevent Pigmentation forming or darkening and to help protect against the accumalative ageing, uv damage . In stronger uv you may also find skin a little more sensitive, tight or reactive than without Retinol. Hence the need to read my other regional blogs so you can ensure you are safely using the correct amounts! 😉

You can find Vitamin A in these products we offer:

Retinol Clearing oil. RRP £75. A perfect starting product to retinol due to its lighter strength, easy to use and gentle formulation.

Overnight retinol repair RRP £85.

Supplied with a buffer cream and instructions as to how to build your skins tolerance and strength of retinol application safely. A strong formulation with guidance and advice required to reach maximum benefits.

Age reversal eye complex RRP £69. A pre measured one suitable for around the eyes at nighttime. Perfect for dark circles, fine lines and those that often squint. 😉

Vitamin A supplements

Our advanced nutrition have a fantastic skin vit A supplement. With a 60 day supply. It also contains a supporting vitamin D. It has the perfect balance required to support cell renewal maintain skin health and smooth the apperance of fine lines. Supplementing your diet can do so much for your overall health and skin health. Feeding your skin from within.

Always consult with us before you start taking Vitamin A. It is not recommended in pregnancy.

Free consultations available to help find the best products for your individual needs.


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