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Face mask Breakouts

Its official mask acne has started!

From prolonged use the facial coverings are becoming quite an irritation...to the skin already!

Breakouts, irritations, acne, friction, rashes and dryness have all entered the treatment room seeking advice on how to help.

With each person being individual in their requirements and assessing the cause of their concerns it is always advisable to seek professional help with any new skin regieme, but here you can learn from me the top tips and popular take home products at the moment for helping your mask concerns.


Make up.

If wearing a mask all day is required then consider how much make up you need. Can you relax on the foundation, blusher and lipsticks? ( it will transfer onto your mask anyway). This will let your skin breathe. If you do need to wear foundation opt for mineral make up options for a healthier breathable choice.

Focus on your eyes. These are making the impact at the moment! Lash lifts, tints and extensions are perfect low maintenance options to mascaras. Brows are always in and frame the face. Consider brow tints or henna dyes for an easy natural options or seek a good mineral based brow powder with staying sweat proof power, especially if you are wearing face shields too.

Skin regime.

It has been admitted that skin care at home has taken a seat back for many in the past few months. Skin changes seasonally so now is a brilliant time to adjust your home and professional treatments. Always seek advice for your product selection. Here are my current top mask concern, selling products that have been playing a vital role in my clients skin health:

Active Clay Cleanser and Daily Superfoliant both contain activated charocal. This helps remove fine particles from the skin pores such as dust and pollution. These all irritate and clog the skin. Charcoal deeply cleanses the skin helping you to remove unwanted excess sweat. Another fab product to use is Pre cleanse oil or balm. Used as a pre cleansing solution to remove oils, make up and sweat from the skin for a deeper clean.

Retinol Clearing Oil has been gaining popularity since its recent launch. Targeting clearing skin breakouts with ageing concerns in one powerful combination. Oil based, but not oily feeling, this is a multitasking treatment thats easy to use at home and suitable for all skins. Read more on my Retinol Clearing Oil must have product.

Rapid Reveal Peel is definitely your quick fix solution, with instantly visible smoothing and soothing It helps to renew the skin and repair the visible breakout damage. You can purchase in a set of 10 treatments or I uniquely sell them individually if you would like to test one first, or purchase on an as and when required extra to help you budget.

Barrier Repair is a silicone based and water free skin protector. It will soothe irritation and help the skins healing ability. It will buffer the friction caused from masks. Apply over your moisturiser for best friction relief and under your moisturiser for best skin healing for rashes and eczema.

Renewal Lip Complex is one not to go a miss under your mask. Protecting the delicate lip area that dries out very quickly this time of year. This has a thick balm consistency in a hygienic dispenser.


Re usable masks are designed to be re used but also to be washed, daily! Ensure you have plenty to cover your days. Also think about where you leave your masks, are they bouncing around your handbag or car ? Can you keep them in a hygienic pouch?

Mouth Hygiene.

You have most likely already to have experienced the wrath of your own breath, smelt your lunch or felt dried out from speaking louder. Consider your mouth hygiene. You are breathing this air over your skin under the mask. Can you use a mouth wash throughout your day to keep the bacteria down? Chew gum, drink more fresh water or acid neutralising foods such as cheese and apples?

Wellness and health tips are part of my therapist approach for my clients. Subscribe, follow or get in touch for more advice or information, for personalised treatment recommendations and product advice. Online consultations are available along with informative and interactive workshops and services. Great for individuals, groups and corporate gatherings via Zoom. I offer training for the professional beauty therapists and business support for salon owners.

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