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Are you Keeping up with it all?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

The world we know is a hectic place with so much going on around us. As a mum I am busy juggling the children's school and their activities, running the home, my business and its on going training, plus an amazing family and friend social life. Finding the time to keep up with anything else seems like a lot of effort. We get caught up with our everyday that we do not always see what others do in their everyday and appreciate so much that the world produces. In my career, of 17 years, the industry has changed so much and i can see further future changes in the way a salon evolves alongside. For me now it is all about the person that enters the salon and making a bespoke service to their suit needs and preference.  Whether that is full on escapism, off loading their worries or a quick do and done maintenance. Choosing brands that suit a diverse range of people is crucial.

Shellac entered my salon a few years back and I hardly find demand for the regular polish anymore. Due to its lasting power and instant drying properties.

Spray tans have been summer steady but i have found I have navigated back to also offer a lotion application for longer lasting results. Offering both Sienna x and St Tropez to customise clients demands, and providing me to stock homecare that i know is home friendly, quick and fuss free.

Dermalogica my customers will know has been my staple brand from the beginning. From my first days of core training and to date I am still in awe of how on the ball the company delivers product and training to my business. We have evolved together and they do all the keeping up for me with the latest research, technology, ingredients and training programmes. So you will see that is why I get excited about a new product or treatment.

Im keeping up with my brands which keeps you up to date with the best my industry is currently offering.  Ill keep up with it all for you.



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