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Skin cancer its real!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Is this a taboo subject? or is it that we listen but do not take action?

Did you know that the U.K has some of the highest rates of skin cancers? More than Australia!

Okay so you may think that the hotter countries like Australia have more to worry about, but ultra violet radiation is exposed to our skins daily. Yes they have stronger UVB, the burning rays, but this isn't the only UVR that causes the "C" word.

UVA is the longest of the suns rays and it can penetrates glass. It is known as the "Ageing" ray and is the biggest factor in skin ageing. Known to all skin enthusiasts and the ageing concerned, is the key to prevention... sun protection factors. Having a SPF in their moisturizers or make up daily to help protect against the ageing rays. Though sometimes as we get older we realize perhaps we should have been putting this on our hands and chest also to stop the ageing and pigmentation that now shows there.

An amazing skin cancer awareness charity was set up in 2018. It was aimed at people working on the service industries that have contact with people. It also has an accreditation for schools to provide children and parents with educational resources through assemblies and sun safety facts sheets. After some extra studying with the charity I completed a power quiz that provided me with an accreditation. We are not being trained to diagnose skin cancers but simply to start the conversation and help spot any early signs of skin cancer.

I have come across 5 people in my personal life suffering from a skin cancer. I decided I needed to hold my own sun awareness course in the summer for my clients to learn more about the facts, I bust myths and showed the seriousness of it all. The biggest scariest thing is 80-90% of skin cancers are treatable if caught early. So here I am doing my thing to shout out about this company and my accreditation. Visit the website www.skcin.org. bookmark it and do yourself an annual read to stay savvy. Feel free to get in touch or talk with me further.

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