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Do I need a home peel ?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Home skin peels have launched. Dermalogica are leading the way with an amazing formula that requires no down time ( which means no side effects to control, calm or surface peeling).

A home peel is an individual decision and requires a thorough consultation and recommendation before you attempt to do so.

The introduction of a home peel is for those seeking an advance exfoliation and deep treatment to maintain between their advanced salon treatments. Maintaining that super smooth feeling you get after your professional treatment. If you have an good homecare routine your salon services can be amped up bringing your skin to its maximum potential, and even pushing its boundaries. Professional skin care treatments no longer just need to be maintenance, but structure changing. Having an established homecare regime is vital first before your skin can accept the peel. Jumping into anything advanced straight away can provide less rewarding results.

The benefits of advanced exfoliation at home:

* Smoother brighter skin appearance

* Reduce the appearance of fine lines

* Reduce the appearance of hyper pigmentation.

* Speed up the skins healing rate and post inflammation pigment.

* Hydrate and nourish true skin not the surface sloughing skin cells

* Allow your salon treatments to advance, further pushing your skins ability.

Having an informative relationship with your therapist is the best for you and your skin. I offer a personal contact post service for clients to send me any pictures or updates on their concerns. Some skin concerns can be frustrating and cycle up and down, so its great to have a contact to help support you.

The rapid reveal peel has 10 individual tubes for weekly treatments. A kick start phase can be used initially with 3 tubes in a row for 3 days. See my Kick start picture for my results. I had had an unusual cluster of mini breakouts on my skin. (Perhaps something to do with school holiday stress and a glamping trip. )

If you are using the rapid reveal peel do not worry about missing out on your professional treatment. It is best advised to keep to your monthly appointment. If you are on the home peel you will simply miss a week of your Rapid reveal peel programme, and wow what a boost you will see with the home and salon treatment together!!

Im excited to see how you get on with this new power product.


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