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Help my teen acne

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hormones are starting to change, emotions are high, life is busy and stressful. Why does acne add that extra pressure? It really doesn't have to! But it is a tough subject to get right, teen acne.

Understanding the why is simple. The body changes into adult hood which surges an emotional rollercoaster of uncontrollable hormones. This is the biggest culprit for why acne can become visible on young skins. The skin produces not just more oil, but a slightly thicker sticker type of oil which can block inside pores alongside dead skin cells and inflammations. Trapped bacteria can result in comedones (bumps under the skin and black heads). Blackheads can lead to breakouts.

So add the teen pressure of image and I individuality, the experimentation phase begins. Make up, fake tan, hair styling products, dieting, socialising. Alongside the pressure of schooling and exams. It is no wonder you can get lost in a minefield of information.

With a world of information readily available to us it is very easy to use search engines and watch bloggers or video streams for recommendations. This is where it starts to fall apart. Remember a saying do not always believe what you read. This is vital. Watching reviews and recommendations from unreliable sources will jeopardise your skin. What may work for one person may not work for another. There are many companies endorseing bloggers and vloggers to talk about them. There are awesome marketing campaigns to make you buy. There are even people doing their own reviews.

The key to unlocking what your skin needs is with a professional that knows skin, has been well trained, experience and keen to pass on their knowledge and advice. Let me introduce Dermalogica. Starting in 1984 as an education centre developing a skin care line in 1986 to deliver what was being taught. Today it is world wide and empowering therapists like me to shout out about it and deliver it the way it is designed to be. Professionally advised.

After a consultation which actually doesn't just discuss your skin, but your lifestyle too. It helps me to gain a bigger picture of which products are most suited to you. Ones that will fit into your daily routine with ease that you are actually going to use. If you hear someone saying it didn't work for them then I could expect the product selection could have been mis matched.

The Dermalogica Clear Start line was created for teens. From around the ages of 14-24 years old. the skin is very different at this stage and products need to look after it in a individual way. Skin can produce 30% more oil, however many products designed for teens focus too much attention on striping this oil. Over drying and dehydrating the skin and slowing its healing time and breaking down the skins natural defence barrier against bacteria and environmental factors. Not squeezing has to be a number one top tip. There are some safe squeezing to be done, but if you are unsure a professional skin clean and extraction treatment is best to teach you how. Male shaving also effects a lot of teen acne so best to consider your shaving methods. Learning correct hygiene methods and skin care has to be a teen priority to ensure you are doing all you can to limit infection, re infection, blocking up pores and scarring. Learning about ingredients that go into products will help you filter out products with comedongenic ( blackhead causing ) ingredients, and there are many more than you think!

Follow my channels and the Dermalogica social media channels to learn some more. Learn the facts and reasons behind development, educate yourself on the hows and why the skin behaves as it does. This is where my interest has been for 18 years and counting. A series of mini micro tutorials can be found which provide you with fantastic need to know information. Best of all get in touch and lets have a discussion about your skin. A free consultation service is available to you through my online consultancy when buying your products from me or come in for a free one to one consultation and or skin treatment.

PARENTS LIKE MYSELF: Never having school lessons or parents to guide us through a minefield of self image, wouldn't it be nice to educate and to pass your trusted knowledge onto your own siblings. As a teenager today I know I would be doing online research, following You tubers and bloggers, but how would I know if it was a trusted source. It is an experimental age and we all admit to learn through a bit of self trial. Over plucking eyebrows, dodgy colorants, orange tan and foundation, it doesn't have to be so now for our own children if we could either teach them ourselves or point them in the right direction to listen to a professional that understands. As a parent myself would like to educate my children on the what not and what to do safely.

Make sure you watch out for my events. I hold regular and changing events to target teach small friendly groups topics of interest. I can provide an individual class session to directly guide you through. Or even group class session s that have even worked well as a party too.

Feel free to get in touch.




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