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So much media !

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Its amazing how the apps and social pages keep evolving. Keeping up with the personal use is one thing but business is another league. With a lot of us now aware of the health consequences from over usage we are choosing to either limit or turn off notifications. Not surprisingly I am seeing results on my social interactions declining too. Not a disheartening thing, I did do a month long programme on the subject!

When it comes to communication know that I am available by most. Direct contact is always the fastest. Checking mail and social platforms may take me longer. Feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe as you like. I am not offended for unsubscribing. You know where I am when you need me!
Doing the wellness programme allowed me to see how engaged and switched on we all are, making this a fore focus I aim to not over bombard clients. Relaxation Station chosen by name. Think of me as your personal consultant. Like when you turn to professional in thier field we are not about the sales pitch. If there is a fab offer or new event etc being planned that I feel you would prefer to know than not then ill be in touch.

The wellness programme has evolved from my digital detox that I joined a bunch of clients with doing in January.
It provides you with the boost and support you need to look after yourself. Be it a self love journey, escapism or a fresh start, at some point we all need to address the 'me'.
Your purchase gives you An A4 programme booklet with week by week tasks, tips and focus to address for provides a month long journey of you. When a day off or mini break just can't capture that. The wellness programme is worth considering. It opens up treatment discount opportunities for you to enjoy some self love as much or as little as you need, plus retail incentive to help you achieve more at home too.

Dont think this is just for my clients close enough to take advantage of my services. I have designed it to be a self journey as much as a supported one. It can easily be adapted for anyone and I can advise treatments that can be sourced elsewhere as required. Long distant clients can benefit and will have their pre and post assessment via web chat or communication.

Looking forward to sharing the Wellness programme with you.

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