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Re opening after lock down

  • Salons have stayed shut to help protect the NHS and prevent the spread of the Cornonvirus.🌈

As this time goes on we face the reality that when we are allowed to re open our doors the salon services will need to look a little different. The world will be changed for quite a while and new safety and regulations will be enforced.

Many industry brands and governing boards have already introduced new standard measures and regulations, along with training courses for therapists to show their professional attendance and dedication. This had been a huge support and guidance for therapists and business owners.

Heres a few I have completed myself:

Clean touch certified

The professional beauty guild


Where this leaves us now is to ensure we can assess how we operate, prepare to and implement new measures to protect ourselves and our visiting clients.

So what can you as a client expect to see from me?

- Pre treatment questioning to ensure you are safe to enter into the salon on each visit.

Questioning about your current health and contact with conronavirus persons.

- To establish If you fit into the vulnerable category or care for a vulnerable person. Guidelines are yet to be set on treating the vulnerable category and may differ if we do see you in salon.

- Higher standards of the already high salon hygiene measures. Including between client salon sanitisation and disinfecting. Disposable equipment where plastic and metals cannot be used.

- Face mask and shield for close client contact. A fresh clean apron for each client.

- I welcome my clients to wear masks when they visit for non facial treatments. These should be of the surgical types. Cotton masks do not protect you against viruses. (I have spare if required)

- Thorough and more frequent awareness of hand washing during a client service. Gloves are not being advised as hand washing has proven more effective at preventing the Coronovirus.

- Fewer client contact areas. Clients will be asked to go straight to the treatment room and avoid using the entrance hall and cloakroom area.

-Longer time between clients for distancing measures and cleaning between clients. Constant fresh air during treatments and room airings between clients.

- Contactless payments. Under £45 by card through card terminal contact less or sent to you via a payment link to make your payment. This will be asked to be completed within 12 hours of your appointment.

- Disposable cups for drinks

I will welcome clients to bring thier own.

- Fresh couch linen for each client. Sheets will be used to help with economical washing of towels.

- The bathroom now has individual hand drying cloths and a laundry basket.

You may see from this list that this will impact the functioning of many salon businesses. Mainly the quantity of clients that will be able to be seen in a day.

In order to support the new measures as best as you can I will ask that my you group your required appointments together rather than staggering over a month period. A minimum spend/time may need to be implemented when client demand is at its highest.

I hope you can fully understand and co operate with these new measures for the time we will require them. This will be the new normal for our changing world for a while but if we can adhere to our professional guidelines we will be able to get through this quicker together!

I am extremly keen to welcome you back!

I am currently offering a waiting list to arrange your appointments when I can announce opening so please get in touch to be on my contact list.

Keep safe




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Laura Foreman
Laura Foreman
May 19, 2020

Sure will do!


Put me on the waiting list please!

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