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Aromatherapy is so much more than just a nice scented massage oil! Dating back from the 3rd century people have been harnessing the power of the plants and perfecting it over our existence. Perfumes, spices and medicine, plants have had an impact on our lives. Aromatherapy uses the power of the plants essential oils for a tonic applied to the body. The Aromatherapist has many essential oils to choose from so a consultation into what your concerns or health needs are on the day will determine their selection. Mixing a fresh and different blend on each visit. Essential oils become active in the body, through skin absorption or inhalation, each oil can have a different effect on the body. Massage is used to stimulate or soothe the body and allow for relaxation. During rest the body can heal and repair. The inhalation of the scents have an effect on the brain too, triggering metal health, memory, spiritual connection and mind and body connected awareness. Essential oils have different effect. Some are great to use on skin conditions. Lavender is good on a spot or a burn it has an inflammatory effect. Tea tree has antiseptic properties. Clove is good for toothache. Not all essential oils can be placed directly on the skin as they can become an irritant, they are placed in a carrier oil to remove the irritant effect. Hot and cold compresses can also be great with essential oils placed directly on the area of need. Other oils can be used for pain alleviation as a natural alternative to medicine. Muscle spasms can benefit form relaxation or warming of the muscles many other muscular conditions can benefit from Aromatherapy. With a world of many clinical medicines and diagnosis of health conditions, with more chemicals in our everyday products we use our bodies are experiencing much more toxicity overload. Aromatherapy can provide some chemical relief by using diffusers for fragrancing our home, by using chemical free or home made aroma cleaning products and by using essential oils as a natural alternative or complementary medicine. Many people turn to alternative solutions and look at their whole health and impact on the or bodies their lives play. Stress reducing treatments are on the rise due to our demanding lifestyles. Body and mind connection is sought for to enrich and help us control our bodies and mind. Aromatherapy is this natural selection of choice.

The massage performed in aromatherapy treatments tend to be more of a soothing nurturing touch. If the client desires a firmer pressure this can still be offered too. It utilises the breath and inhalation techniques are used to engage the brain too.

With all the aromatherapy massage treatment I offer a vile of oil is provided from the blend used for the treatment for the client to continue to use at home for continued benefit. I also have stock of essential oil essences for use at home within a diffuser and soya wax candles infused with essential oils which can be used as an aromatherapy room fragrance and a skin tonic. All my aromatherapy is sourced through Eve Taylor, an English aromatherapy brand. the founder Eve Taylor herself has an OBE for recognition of her amazing work within the industry. A highly trusted source and quality assured ingredients.


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