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Dermalogica Therapists are well connected!

I have just returned from an amazing two day event with my fellow, namely so, tribe we are, Dermalogica.

From reading my previous blogs you may have felt my passion for Dermalogica oozing through your screens. But let me help you to understand the passion power behind us Dermalogica tribal members.

In the 16 years I have been working with Dermalogica for my chosen skin care brand and having realized how inspiring the trainers are at the international dermal institute, they have given me the knowledge and skills to make my work a joy and success, this was my 3rd Dermalogica event. At these events we are able to attend engaging seminars from speakers, experts of all business fields, and importantly a chance to connect and speak to fellow like minded therapists and a vast variety of businesses.

On knowledge training days therapists have the chance to connect. However the events are inspiring and a place for us ourselves to recharge, re focus and relax. Now bear in mind this time round we were glamping in October in the UK! (you must know that the mornings and evenings are COLD*! ) we have all returned on a high and the messaging, followings and posts are still flooding through the channels. Held on Osea island a hidden gem of a location it was even re named for us as 'dermalogica island'.

We were treated to thai chi on the beach at sunrise, a massage workshop to save our own posture aliments, and meditation techniques to keep our minds in full mental health and grounding. We had a range of beautiful fresh healthy food, including a beach bbq and a street food evening around campfires. A hugely engaging and fab choir teacher taught us how to all sing together, the greatest showman will never be the same again, or speaking with your tongue out! We danced our wellies off to the best band ive seen in a while and we even squeezed a fun group video with us forming a human 'd' in the field.

Aside all the relaxing and up lifting fun we also engaged with a fab variety of speakers. From our much loved education trainers, brand manager, in house scientist CEO and VP we saw them showcasing the latest innovations in and out of the treatment rooms, direction of the company and scientific findings. They engaged us with their love of our special tribal connection that has been brewing constantly since Jane Wurwand's motivational empowerment. Showing us the why, how and the importance, yet again, of us professional therapists holding the passion for our work. They are knowledgeable that we connect on deep levels with our clients, creating loyal business and importantly our human power of touch. The guest speakers included the Sunday times beauty blogger and Vogue's editorial guru, encouraging us to put our own spin and passion into words across our business and connection links.

At the beginning of this year i was nominated and asked to be an ambassador for the Dermalogica brand. Utilizing my history, knowledge and experience to help motivate other tribe members with their work. As an honour to be one of 6 ambassadors in the country i have come back from this weekend feeling very humbled and a little overwhelmed at the response the tribe showed me. I was asked to be on a panel discussion group, (ON STAGE), to talk about how i implement new product launches into my business and what i have found works well for my individual business. We were all chosen as ambassadors for our unique businesses and to provide a variety of concepts to engage the diverse range of businesses there are. I was to represent the home accounts, Mark was representing the busy high street centers and Kelly representing the destination spa sector. It was very interesting to hear how varied these business are in their approach. Yet how we all united in the passion with our partnership using Dermalogica.

So taking away from this for me, aside breaking out of my comfort zone a little more, i have felt motivated to drive forward with my own personal business journey into my new venture i have been planning. After down scaling business to work around having my family i have found working alone from home sometimes disconnected and uncertain if i can establish a goal or idea. But with the positive energy i received from this trip i suppose i feel i need to keep setting my goal target high, if higher to make sure i do justice to my industry and tribe!

So help me out on my journey, subscribe to my site, share my blogs and channels, and get in touch with your suggestions and comments id love to hear from you and keep inspiration and motivation flowing.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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