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Younique- make up

I am excited to start with the make up line Younique. After alot of research into several brands i kept coming back to Younique. Attracted by its vast range of products and colours plus being mineral based which is best for skin health and can sit alongside my Dermalogica skincare line. It has options for everyone. I have since been playing with some products giving them a good test run for myself and on some of my family and friends. Ill get working on some portfolio pictures for my website for you to see. I have always enjoyed doing wedding and prom make ups so this will help me expand my offering to all my customers. The products themselves are fantastic quality at a very competitive price to the department store brands. There is a 14 day return policy if you do not get the colour etc you wanted right on selection. I have my own online website and shop. You can place orders at any time with free delivery within a few days to your address over £75 spend. You can order through a party or send me a message directly with what you would like and you can enjoy free delivery if I group orders together to be delivered to me first.

 Becoming a presenter and receiving my initial kit has been really fun. I have gone through a whole host of training and product knowledge and learnt so much about the company. There is a huge network of presenters that work together in very well connected and supporting teams. Social media is huge for many to demonstrate the products and show how to apply them, which is great as like most people growing up there are no lessons in skin health and make up taught. Leaving us to self teach and learn for ourselves. The internet has been so valuable for us all in many ways!  

I'll be social posting on my media channels about the products and monthly kudos deals. I have a downloadable catalogue I can send you to browse but best of all I can help you make savings on your purchases. You can host a party in your home or even host a virtual party. Being a host will give you a credit amount to spend on your own product purchases and even half price product's depending upon how well your party goes. 

Better still you can earn money yourself if you join my team as a presenter with me. Let's talk more if you are interested, enjoy make up, want to add more to your own make up bag or feel empowered to run your own business or earn a little extra on the side of your existing work. 

Visit my website and shop:



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