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Luna eyes

Luna eyes


Luna Eyes are especially good for...

Helping you sleep thanks to the relaxing scent of Lavender

Calming an overactive mind and melting away tension

Taking you on a Sensory Sleep Experience

Being worn overnight

Men and women


Our Luna Eyes are an ASOS award winner and have recently been featured and loved by This Morning. Backed by science and developed by a company with strong links to self-heating technology, our luxurious eye masks promote relaxation and comfort thanks to an infusion of mind and body calming aromatherapy scents developed from natural essences.   

Combined with gentle, patented, air-activated double Ecosteam technology, they deliver a soothing sensory sensation perfect for anyone having trouble sleeping or to enjoy a pampering home-spa experience and are safe to wear overnight. 

Just 25 minutes is all it takes to help magically melt away stress, tension, headaches, eye strain, or calm and reset an overactive mind.  


Find a tranquil place to rest and recline 

Open the pouch and unfold your Luna Eyes Mask 

Gently place the Luna Eyes Mask over your eyes and fit the loops comfortably around your ears 

Within a couple of minutes, you’ll begin to feel a gentle sensation as the Luna Eyes Mask warms up 

Simply allow yourself to drift off as you enjoy approximately 25 minutes of deeply relaxing and soothing warmth 

If using on children (aged 5+), you may need to secure with an extra knot to tighten the loops - adult supervision advised while children wear the mask 

Our masks contain blackout properties and can be worn all night as a blackout mask 

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