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Rowland Earthing sheet

Rowland Earthing sheet


Why Sleep Grounded?

Earthing during sleep provides the body with multiple hours of uninterrupted Earthing, at a time where we naturally undergo the most healing and regeneration. Using Innovative Earthing technology, the Rowland Earthing sheet transfers free electrons straight from the Earth to you, allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep.

  • Spec

    The Rowland Earthing sheet is 90cm x 2.7m and is suitable for single, double, king and super king size beds.  


    For grounding two people in the same bed, one option is to fit the sheet across the width of the bed (as shown in the illustration above). However, we generally recommend fitting the sheet lengthways and having one sheet per person for maximum comfort and increased grounding exposure. 


    We also offer a 20% discount on orders of two or more items - discounts will be automatically applied at checkout. 




    1 Rowland Earthing Sheet 35" x 110" (90cm x 2.7m)
    1 Earthing connection cord 16 ft (5m) 

    1 UK Earth plug


    Materials Used: 


    All of our sheets are made from 100% ethically sourced cotton and are lined with a pure silver thread, forming a grid like pattern across the sheet. Pure silver is used for its unique conductive properties allowing you to get the maximum grounding effect. 

  • Is it safe?

    Is It Safe?

    Yes, it is important to clarify that the Earthing sheet does not run on electricity, nor does it even come into contact with electricity. The plug is designed only to connect to the earth point of the socket and is not connected to the live electrical ports. It simply acts as an extension cord, bringing the Earth's energy inside and allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep.

  • How to measure the benefits

    The grounding effect can be measured with a multimeter device, which allows one to measure voltage in the body before and after grounding. 


    The video below shows how touching the Earthing sheet causes a significant drop in body voltage. 

    Why is body voltage important?


    When not grounded, you will generally see a high amount of volts being carried by the body and this is often further increased when there is a presence of dirty electricity in the surrounding environment. Body voltage becomes even higher as we move further away from the ground. In fact, for every meter (3.28 feet) you are above the ground, 300 volts of charge will build up in the body. This means if you are in a second story bedroom, your charge would be 1,000 volts, on average. 


    As we know, carrying excess positive charge in the body can be a problem and is an important marker of inflammation. It is recommended that one adopts strategies such as grounding to combat any excess positive charge in the body and to stay in good health. When grounded, the body shares the same electrical potential as the Earth and this provides a protective effect against any excess positive charge. 

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