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What's in a brand?

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

We are bombarded by brands in all aspects of our lives. Some people may get a feeling that these brands can be over marketed and we are simply being sold to. Marketing has to sell it to us. That's simply its job. The top best brands are annually winning awards and there is even a 'coolest brand' awards. These companies have to use advertising, be it paid for, endorsed or social marketed, to keep it a success. 

However there is what seems a fight to climb to the top and for brands to become the salons 'chosen brand'. Even if sometimes the brands all seem to be shouting that they offer the same business support or similar products. It can then become a minefield of research and recommendation before a brand for a salon is selected. Over my time within the beauty industry there are also noticeably trending brands. The powerful marketing to consumers drive the salon requests for certain treatments or products, pushing salons to stay on trend. This decade there has been so many with eyebrows, lashes and gel nail polish making a huge impact. It can all lead to an overwhelming selection and choice of which path to take for a salon business. Then in all of its hype the trend can cease and the salons investment has been short lived. Taking on too many can water down all the other salon offerings, yet specialising in one thing cannot always please everyone. The focus is to look at is the businesses ethos. What does the salon want to be known for/as. How much investment is available for taking on new treatments and products, including staff time to train in such. Using outsider specialists to visit the salon could be one way. Though this can come with a whole host of other complications. One thing to remember is to do the research, see how long lived and what staying power demand a treatment has , and not to necessarily do the same as every other salon,  perhaps it is best to  stand out for something different. 

The main selection when choosing my brands will come down to the support, training, results and help a brand invests in me so I can pass this onto my customers. I could end up with higher profit margins for retail products and treatment costs can be lowered if I use a smaller cheaper brand, however if the support for you to make it a success isn't in place,  the results to do well  will be lower. The standard of salon quality has always been important to me, results need to be met. The question of product value for me comes down to quality/quantity ingredients. Like food options in the supermarket the quality of food varies upon how well you want it to taste, less chemical or more vitamin content. Just because a £20 product with contains hylaronic acid, will not mean it is better or worse than a £60 product. The one thing we miss here is the question of how much hylaronic acid percentage has it got in it? so we can see for ourselves the value of ingredients.

  Being educated and knowledgeable of what is in the products I use is key. The same for the treatments and client care. What I may do compared to another therapist will show the treatment quality. Poor education and a lack of training can mean a brand is let down by the provider too. So what is in a brand is down to the investor too. The brand also needs to give back, thanking me for my business investment and commitment.  

As we start to become a nation of saving, researching and become better informed to make decisions, we find the areas we can make cut backs and prioritise where it is best to spend our hard earnt money. Some things for me just have to stay. Behind the brands I choose are the type of therapist and salon I want to be known for. I put into my brands like they put into me.  I can then feel every bit confident in my recommendations and selections. I stick to my strengths but learn about the other availabilities to offer great advise for people seeking these out. 


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