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A skin diary

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

You may have heard of a food diary to track consumption or pin point food intolerances. The skin diary that I have created is based upon the same principles.

Sometimes to fully understand the skins needs we need to observe how it respondes over time. The skin is highly changeable during the seasons changes, life stages and especially for women in conjunction with hormone fluctuations.

Many people will turn to the thought that what they recently used or did to their skin is a result of what they see. A professional skin therapist may observe otherwise. Allergies are commonly mistaken for product reactions, internal factors may play a part in these. Using a tip top skin regimen is a starting step, though a skin dairy may pick up tweaks and suggestions to using those products for further efficiency. If we can pinpoint any triggers this can be the break through moment to change a challenging skin. Supporting expectations and how you feel in your skin can be very supportive towards understanding and managing your skin and confidence.

The skin diary will involve you entering the required information daily for the first week and weekly for 4-8 weeks thereafter. At intervals I assess the information and communicate the results advice and adjustments as required. Opening up unique offers for purchases or bookings if you require them. I have many business affiliates that we can utilise if need be to help you towards full skin, body and positive mental health.

If you want to achieve your best skin yet, gain confidence, motivation, knowledge and support then let's do this journey together.

Looking forward to your skin diaries.

Laura x


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