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Topical and oral vitamins for skin health

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

fruits and supplements

Its been a question have had so many times, for years!

'Do I really need to have vitamins in my skin product?'

'I take an oral supplement designed for skin health isn't that enough?'

'I have a super healthy diet with all the vitamins could possibly need.'

'My supermarket brand contains this why should I use yours?'

So now lets get the answers!

The use of plants, herbs and fruits in products was the very start of product creations. Utilising them in many ways, to add scent, natural colour and skin benefits. As time and studies went on evidence to back up product claims became necessary. Laboratory testing and synthetic creations then came fore front in order to maximise, enhance and control ingredients.

As you well know if a piece of fruit is cut it soon turns brown with oxidisation. Particles known as free radicals attack the delicate fruit, its moisture and vitamin content degrade. This process is exactly the same on the skin. Moisture is lost throughout the day and natural vitamin defenders such as Vitamin C that are found in the skin are broken down. Resulting in ageing, dehydration, environmental attack from pollutants and even pigmentation. Vitamin C is a key skin vitamin as it protects each skin cell nucleus from damage. It can easily be depleted, major contributors are from Ultra violet light ( daylight ) and smoking. So easily you can see the reason and importance behind vitamin inclusion within products.

Oral supplements are a good way to aid the correct levels of vitamin and mineral intake the body needs for optimum functioning. When oral supplements are taken they will flush throughout the body to be delivered to its areas of need. This is something we cannot control or without testing be able to predict what body parts will be most requiring the supplement. Our amazing bodies will do this for us. So I perhaps think of my piece of fruit again, if I ate an orange for extra vitamin c do I really know it is supporting my skin the way was hoping it would? By the time my skin saw any vitamin C would it have oxidised or be diluted to less of an effect?

Using both oral and topical vitamins definitely seem the best option.

So we have established the why our skin product needs to contain vitamins. Now one last Major contributor! How are the vitamins formulated to keep them fresh and provide maximum delivery of the vitamin to the skin? Knowing a product contains a certain ingredient isnt enough! Even the knowledge that a product has a specific percentage of an ingredient cannot prove its effectiveness. The way an ingredient is formulated and its delivery into the skin is key. Trusting and in the knowledge that your chosen skin product company has done these can help you make much better informed choices. Hence the status of a professional product line. It will have a lot more input into its research and development . It may also appeal to you with more marketing or fancy packaging but ultimately the ingredients is what counts. I have followed, trained, worked with and trusted in the professional line Dermalogica for 16 years. It has educated me on the why of skin behaviours, and ingredients. It continues to evolve and has a huge passionate research and development team. I have even had the opportunity to visit headquarters laboratories. ( Wishing perhaps I could be on the team or behind the scenes, it is so fascinating and a part of my job I enjoy to learn). It can take 2-3 years to develop and launch a new product. Quite a few years ago the team developed, (and patented of course), a micro encapsulation of vitamins to stabilise them from becoming oxidised ( weakened) and delivering them into the layers of skin at the point it was required. It revolutionised the way many other products were formulated. Now the experts have formulated an ultra stable form of Vitamin C complex. It has been tested against other leading competitors that have Vitamin C within their products at a higher percentage, Dermalogica's ultra stable complex proved in tests to have a higher effectiveness in the skin.

Biolumin-c serum Launched this June. Its focus is to work within the skin to enhance the skins natural defence system, providing a brightening and firming result noticeable in just a few days use. The developers stabilised the Vitamin c synthetically to penetrate into the skin and deliver it to the desired layer for full effectiveness. To aid this penetration lactic acid is included to exfoliate away the outermost layers of dead skin . Other natural free radical defenders are also included into the formula, such as Chia seed and sophora japonica flower extract. See the results for yourself. Available from me in salon or with via my new online consultation service. I offer all my clients direct or distant a consultation service and even distant one to one live chat to discuss all your needs. Ensuring you recieve the up most service and professional advice personalised to you and your skins health needs. Exchanges, returns, samples and lifestlye considered no worries!

The benefits of different vitamins and ingredients can be sought online, or look though my blog posts for more. Now naturally with social media the public have more knowledge of ingredients to look for. But please remember this blog and the very important how and why !




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