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Client Safety

Client safety is our first priority.




If you are visiting for the first time or experiencing a new treatment for the first time you will be required to fill out a consultation form.


Long standing clients will also be asked to regularly check or refill their details and health records.

Consultations are available in salon or online using our google forms. Please ensure we have your consultation before you attend your appointment.

Patch Testing

Patch testing is a requirement for many treatments that use chemical solutions that could cause a potential reaction. Such treatments include but are not restricted to: tinting, lash lifting, lamination, Pro power peel, pro power eye peel. Patch testing are required 24-48 hours before you receive the treatment. Every 6 month patch testing is also required and advised. Waiver consent forms are not a legal alternative.

If you have a known allergies or recent skin reactions or changes it is your responsibility to make us aware of it for your safety. 

Heightened times of stress can cause reactions that you may not have experienced before , even with a regular treatment or product.

Please inform us so we can support you with any reaction you may see, no matter how small. Your G.P advice is always recommended to be sought in cases of any reaction. 

Treatment Safety

We are Covid compliant and have undertaken refresher training to ensure our high standards are maintained. Between client cleaning is performed in all areas of client contact. Fresh linen is used for all clients. All equipment and products that are used are sterilised after use, or  eco friendly disposable items are used where appropriate.  This means we need to leave longer between clients and limits our daily working hours. Some treatments have had to factor in new regulations and may have changed to your previous experiences. 

Treatment Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on quality treatments with a no rush policy. If you would prefer an element of your treatment to be changed to suit your preference please feel free to inform us so we can bespoke your services. This could be something simple like swapping the scalp massage in your facial to an arm massage, to have the heated couch turned off or cooled. The type of music or lighting chosen for your session. A no talk rule or please tell me more. It is your time your rules!

Treatment Reactions

Some treatments may see you with a post treatment response. This can be positive or negative and are all signs of an effective treatment. Such responses could be but are not limited to, increased urination, increased thirst, tiredness, feeling cold, relaxed, drowsiness, extra energy, mood changes and hunger. This can last up to 24 hours. Drink plenty of plain water after your treatments to help. 

Product Reactions

Skin reactions can occur and will usually be on the site that the product was placed. An allergic reaction will be a different body response. Please inform us of any reactions for your records and seek medical advice. Patch testing can be a way to help establish what your reaction was too. Heightened stress can cause a reaction to a product you may not usually react to. Many products in treatment are different formulations to the retail homecare. Active ingredients are frequently used  in both salon and homecare products, they must be used as professionally advised. All training is undertaken and maintained by your professional therapist.